Concrete Brick Making Machine

What does it mean concrete brick making machine and what kind of role does it play in the construction area? You can read the details about the concrete brick making machine, advantages and how it's called one of the most important equipment for the construction area in order to produce a different kind of materials. You can read the details about the concrete brick making machine Export, advantages and how it's called one of the most important equipment for the construction area in order to produce different kinds of materials.



It's possible to explain what does it mean concrete brick making machine, this is a special machine that works with other equipment, in particular, concrete, by vibration and the static effect of hydraulics. Modern construction trends are reduced to an individual approach and non-standard solutions, so traditional materials for the implementation of the project, for example, a cottage, may simply not be suitable. This problem can be solved using concrete brick making machine. This specially designed machine can produce different kinds of materials with the help of a pressure system which various building materials are made of concrete, such as concrete hollow blocks, concrete paving blocks, building blocks, curbstones, and others.




The production process of concrete brick making machines or concrete block machine provide to produce high-quality materials and reduces certain costs, which gives the following advantages:

• Great moulding potential. Just enough change the mould in order to produce a different kind of concrete products.
• High-quality result. Using high-pressure vibration system on the machines, provide to produce good quality products.
• The possibility of producing custom products. According to your needs, it is possible to produce almost all kind of concrete block materials.
• Reduction of time for material production and reduction of labor costs. Using semi-automatic or automatic concrete brick making machine provides to produce products faster and this will be an advantage.



The concrete brick making machine combines several functions at the same time. It performs both the function of the press and vibration. All this is due to the fact that a non-linear change in pressure occurs in the working part of the vibration press. The vibration occurs due to inertial and hydraulic vibrators. As we are a construction company located in Turkey, we offer different concrete brick making machines, with different capacities and automation. According to your demand, you can choose any of them.


Concrete Brick Making Machine Features

Concrete brick making machine can produce various types of materials - starting from borders and ending with various decorative elements. However, not every machine can make all kinds of concrete materials. So, our specialized concrete brick making machines can produce a certain type of materials, while changing the mould.

These certain factors should be considered when you have a plan to get any kind of machine :

• The plan of the project, according to the plan, it can be more clear which machine can be chosen.
• The conditions under which the work will be carried out.
• Speed of production process, if the machine works faster so it means you can produce more concrete products at low time.
• Build quality machines.
• Cost of service.

At the construction area when you have a plan to purchase the concrete brick making machine, you should consider all selection criteria and choose a model in accordance with them. Some manufacturers, while advertising their product, exaggerate the capabilities of a particular model, so a thorough study of the characteristics and inspection of the parts will not be superfluous.


Semi-Automatic Concrete Brick Making Machine



Advantages of concrete brick making machines

Concrete brick making machines have the following features: 

1. Different capacities according to your needs. For a shift of 8 hours, the machines can produce starting from 4.000 up to 10.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks.

2. Less personal required. For automatic concrete brick making machines, just a few personal is enough to operate the whole system.

3. According to your needs, you can add or remove the equipment from the list of the machine.

4. All machines can be bought like a full or mini plant.

5. We always use high-quality materials and electrical units for the concrete brick making machines.

6. We offer 2 years warranty for all machines.

7. The installation process and operator training course are totally free.

8. Technical drawings of the machines can be provided by our company.



Concrete brick making machine information

A certain, selected composition of substances is loaded into a mixing hopper of concrete brick making machine mixing type, and control begins to work according to the specified parameters, in this case, it is important to know what design you need to get from the concrete brick making machine and the device has a special dosage function, so you can add elements. Machines are capable of producing a different kind of construction structures of various types, these can be concrete hollow blocks, and they can be used anywhere, as well as paving concrete blocks, tiles, and many other building materials. There are several types of concrete brick making machine, stationary and mobile block making machines, these machines are different from each other, and the quality of the manufactured products also.

The stationary type concrete brick making machine is used for pressing in a huge number of concrete products, for concrete hollow blocks, concrete paving blocks curbstones, the machine can be performed in semi-automatic or automatic type. So you can choose the semi-automatic or automatic concrete brick making machine.


concrete brick making machine information   BESS concrete brick making machine information 

We have a lot of options and according to your demand, it is possible to buy the best concrete brick making machine. With this kind of machine, you can produce high-quality products and for technical details, more information you can contact us anytime. We can support you and able to help to find the most suitable concrete brick making machine. Still interested to learn more about the price details? Click the link below:

How Much Does A Brick Making Machine Cost?



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