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Bess company started manufacturing concrete block machines and exporting them in 2007. Today there are more than 480 functional plants in more than 48 countries including Arabic countries, African countries, European countries, and Asian countries. The key to our success has been the premium quality of the machines, a reasonable price compared to the quality and an efficient after-sales system.


If your Bess concrete block machine falls in fault, all you need to do is to call our after-sales department. For domestic plants, it takes mostly 48 hours and for the plants abroad it takes a maximum of 120 hours for our engineers to fix it or to provide you with the needed spare parts.

The electric and hydraulic pieces of equipment that are used in Bess concrete block machines are all well-known german brands that are available in every market. Therefore it is not difficult to find the spare part needed for your machine. Some companies use exclusive parts so when you need a part you can't find it in the local market and you have to call the factory to provide you with the spare part but Bess company doesn't accept such a policy.


Bess Company Exports Worldwide

Bess company manufactures different types of machines for every budget. They are explained one by one below.


1. Stationary concrete block machine:

Concrete block machine is the most popular Concrete Brick Making Machine in our Exports Worldwide. A concrete block machine means a single-hopper machine. Because there is no need to produce double-color hollow blocks and solid blocks so the single-hopper machine is called a concrete block machine. It has three automation levels: semi-automatic, automatic, and full-automatic. The picture below is a sample of a semi-automatic concrete block machine.



2. Stationary paving block machine:

Paving block machine means a double-hopper machine. Double color is only used to produce paving blocks so the machine is called a paving block machine because the second hopper is used to produce double-color paving blocks. This machine also works with a single hopper to produce hollow blocks but it is designed specially to produce paving blocks.



This machine is also called an interlocking brick machine.

3. Mobile brick making machine:

This machine is also called the egg-laying machine. Mobile brick making machine is specially designed for exports to African countries. Most of the process of producing the hollow blocks and solid blocks is done manually in this machine. Consider that mobile machines cant produce paving blocks and available molds for the mobile machines are not so many.




Mobile brick making machine also has a big brother called the Diamond compact machine which is an automatic mobile brick machine.


4. Compact concrete brick making machine:

Compact concrete block machines are exclusively our company's design. The engineers of Bess and Vess formed a team to design a machine that is far better than the classic concrete block machines. They need a smaller prepared foundation for the machine to install and the machine is a perfect choice For developed countries since most of the job is done automatically. Because of the advantages of compact machines over other options, they because very popular in our worldwide exports. The compact series is produced by both single-hopper and double-hopper depending on customer demand.



 5. Mold for every type of machine with any brand:

Bess produces and exports molds worldwide. You can order molds for your machine by knowing the pallet size, upper mold installation type, and shape that you need for your mold. The type of metal used to produce molds is Hardoax or ST-52 depending on customer demand. Bess uses CNC machines to shape the molds and the process of hardening is done twice to reach the maximum strength that withstands the hydraulic pressure easily.





Concrete Brick Making Machine Worldwide Exports Key Factors

Bess has shown great performance doing worldwide exports and become a well-known brand in the concrete block machine manufacturing industry. The reasons for this success are explained below.


1. High-quality machines

If you want to keep your customers satisfied and have a long-term business relationship with them you need to produce high-quality machines. This also makes your guarantee service and after-sales service easier because high-quality heavy-duty machines don't fall into faults easily. To produce a high-quality concrete block machine raw materials should be of premium quality and the hydraulic and electric parts used on the machine also need to be high-quality as well. For more price details you can read brick making machine.

Bess used well-known german brands like Siemens and Schnider for electric systems and bosch parts for the hydraulic system.

Bess has ISO-9001, ISO-14001, CE, and EURO1 certificates for all the manufactured machines. 

Some features of Bess concrete block machines:

♦ High speed

♦ User-friendly

♦ Maintenance-free

♦ High efficiency 

♦ Low power consumption

♦ Easy handling

♦ Robust / Long-life

♦ Capable of working for 24 hours




2. Machines capable of producing different concrete products:

Bess machines are capable of producing almost 600 shapes of concrete blocks. Some of the shapes that they can produce are hollow concrete blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, roof gutters, lawn stones, and Lego blocks.

Hollow concrete blocks are also called hollow blocks and hollow cement blocks in different countries. You click on their names to read more about them and learn the details.


3. Reasonable price

If you compare the price of raw materials and also labor costs in Turkey with the European countries you will see that it is a lot cheaper. This is why Turkey has become an important machine manufacturing and exporting country in the world. The prices of Bess concrete block machines compared to the quality is logical and reasonable. our concrete block machines are designed at very reasonable prices.


4. Providing the customer with a Concrete block manufacturing business plan

After the customer buys Bess concrete block machines, our engineers provide them with a concrete block manufacturing business plan. This plan is suggested especially for customers without experience in this field. For each country, the plan is also changed. If you are interested to know more about this plan you can read the article ''concrete block manufacturing business plan''.


5. Efficient after-sales system

Since our machines are premium quality machines, the customers usually don't call us because the machines work properly and without any problem. But rarely some customers experience some faults. If it's a minor problem we send the spare part to the customer free of charge but if it is a major fault we send our engineer as well to fix the problem and return back. It is also free of charge.


6. Different machines for every budget:

We have machines for almost every budget and project. If you are looking for premium quality machines you are in the right place, based on the project budget different capacities and different automation levels are offered to the customer



7. Delivery right on time according to the contract shipment date

Machines are always manufactured earlier than the agreed time but the delivery time can be a week earlier or a week later than the agreed date. It depends on the ports. The machines are delivered as soon as the transport ship is available at the port.


8. Installation by Bess's experienced engineers:

To be able to do exports worldwide you need to have an expert installation team. As soon as the machine reaches the customer plant, the Bess installation team will be in the customer's plant to install the machine. Depending on the machine and automation level of the machine, it takes about one to two weeks for our technical team to install the machine in your plant, produce sample products and train customer operators to work with the machine.




9. Two years of guarantee which is extendable to 5 years:

Bess offers a real guarantee for a period of two years and if needed it is extended to four years. Since the machine is high-quality there won't be any problem with your machine, but if anything goes wrong our after-sales service is online 24/7. You call us anytime for support.



10. Providing videos of the functional plants for customers on a youtube channel:

you can access our youtube channel to watch our videos. We have animation videos for a better understanding of the machine production process and some real videos of the plants we installed in different countries. Here is a sample video of our machines.


Concrete Brick Making Machine Exports Worldwide is a very difficult job, so customers don't trust every manufacturer to purchase their machines from. Bess concentrates on customer satisfaction and the reason it developed so quickly in a short time is the perfect service it provides for the customers.

You can contact Bess English department for inquiry.

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