Block making machine

block making machine

Our company Beyazli Group which is located in Turkey, currently we are producing and importing different types of block making machines to different countries in the world. Especially we are producing the machines which can able to produce almost all kind of stone products such as like these concrete hollow blocks, concrete paving blocks, curbstones and others. Also besides these machines, we are producing a different kind of moulds for the machines and stationary type concrete batching plants too.  With our block making machines, they can able to produce the quality of concrete products, our moulds form various products built the most spectacular buildings and walkways. Block making machine is one of the most popular machines in the construction field. Because these machines are suitable for fast production and the blocks can be produced without any deformations and cracks. 

 Automatic Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine And Concrete Hollow Blocks




Our company aim is to produce the best block making machine with high quality and reasonable prices. For this reason all machines, we are producing by high-quality European Standards. For automation, we have three different options. You can see what kind of automation we are using for the stationary and mobile type block making machines also besides these stationary and mobile type machines, we are producing with different capacities concrete batching plants and also different kind of moulds for semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic types.

Semi-automatic automation: This kind of automation type, we are recommending for new beginners who have no more experience and who want to produce the stone products with more labours.

* Automatic automation: This kind of automation type, we are offering for the customers who has experience and wants to produce any kind of stone products with fewe labours.

* Fully automatic automation: This kind of automation type, for who wants to produce any kind of stone products with only one or two labours.

Africa has enormous potential as an investment destination, offering a unique combination of highly developed first-world economic infrastructure with a vibrant emerging market economy.

Our machines are in various types and capacity to order like producing between 4.000- 10.000 bricks-blocks in one daily shift of 8 hours. The block making machines are capable to work 24 hours, that means you can produce three shifts bricks-blocks in one day. If you want to see all our other machines, technical details and prices you can visit our website.

If you have any questions about the block making machines please contact us directly or send a mail, we will respond immediately. The installation of block making machines we perform freely at your place. By machine failures, we guarantee to intervene domestically 48 globally in 120 hours.


Automatic Block Making Machine For Producing Concrete Hollow Blocks And Paving Block



As we are producing now different kind of machines for producing high-quality stone products like : Concrete hollow blocks, concrete paving blocks, curbstones and others. As you can able to see some features and advantages the semi-automatic type concrete hollow block machine PRS 400 model.  There is one aggregate hopper and the machine can able to produce concrete paving blocks as well with single layer especially.

 * The machine’s automation is the semi-automatic type

* Daily capacity is in a day at eight hours 4000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks and 300 square meters of paving blocks

* Possible to produce a different kind of stone products like curbstones and others

* It’s easy to change the mould ( With changing the mould, the machine can produce other stone products as well )

* Necessary about 8 personals to operate the whole system

* The machine is coming with necessary opponents and you can buy extra parts for the machine that when you need

* We can provide the technical drawing and with this document, you can easily prepare your own land

* Totally 2 years warranty for the machine and the parts also

* We can provide all kind of support when you face any kind of small or big problems. For big problems, we can send our technical team for fixing the problems.

Till this time we have exported many block making machines to African and other countries which is a good investment for customers in this filed up to now, and we have become one of the largest and best block making machine sellers in the African market and also in Middle East countries market. We develop the small and big type of block making a machine for the African construction industry for the small investor, like manual block making machines which are a small machine is a good choice for small investors. For this reason, we always recommend to buy a small type block making machine for new customers and who have a low budget. 

Block making machines are designed to make vibrio-pressed hollow blocks, interlocking blocks, pavers, a variety of special products and custom made-designs. Our machines are easy to use, reliable and with a high production capacity. According to your budget and needs, from our company, you can find the best suitable machine for you.

block making machine  block making machine block making machine south africa 

Infrastructure development

The president of ghanaDjedje always reported on 19 August 2015 during the independence day that West Africa authority will invest huge amounts of money in infrastructure development in order to create more employment opportunities, to decrease poverty.

Mould for block making the machine
If you are looking to purchase a brick making machine or block making machine, you have come to the affordable place. Our small mobile block making machines and stationary type machines are designed with global standards comes with a mono-block mould. Extra moulds required for producing different kind of blocks the machine can be purchased with one mould. Optional extras mould for block making machine can be purchased independently so that can have more various production. Our egg layers and the stationary machine can allow for the interchanging of moulds required to produce a different type of products exactly to the needs of South African Market and other global markets.

block making machine block making machine for sale  block making machine is producing hollow blocks 


Standard block making machine mould
Our company Beyazli Group specialize in standard mould manufacturing for block making machine, however, custom moulds can be quoted provided that a sample be present or drawings are sent to us. please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and info on our website.

Block Making Machine Video:
Here please have a look at our block making machine video, if you are interested in this machine can contact directly on (+905326382935 ) Whatsapp to get a free price list.



Our stationary type semi-automatic block making machine is a very good choice and you can produce high-quality concrete stone products. Here are some details and benefits of this type of machine:

* This type of block making machine is very good and capable to make for high-quality concrete blocks, concrete paving blocks, curbstones and others.

* The semi-automatic block machine does not require a lot of staff for operation.

* Possible to produce other concrete products, and just changing the mould is enough for production other concrete stone products.

* We have actually 2 years warranty for all our machines but it can be extended to 5 years.

* We have a technical team for installation the machine and for training your operator, all these services are generally free.

* The energy consumption is not much for this machine.

* You can purchase the machine with all the equipment or just the machine and the necessary equipment. You can remove or add equipment according to your demand.


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