Say Goodbye to Defective Concrete Blocks: A Guide to Troubleshooting Your Concrete Block Machine

The most important thing in every business is to supply the customers with the best quality products at reasonable prices. There are many concrete block machines in the market with different brands, systems, automation levels, and capacities. The items discussed here are general ideas that are true for all the concrete block machines in this sector.


The blocks produced by the concrete block machine may be faulty in different ways. the first thing is to check the concrete blocks and see what the problem is.


here are a few samples of faulty blocks:

  • the shape of the blocks is faulty
  • the bottom of the blocks is not completely closed
  • the block height is more than the required height
  • the blocks are not compacted enough and show a lower quantity than standard.
  • in one press some blocks are in good shape and some are not completely formed 


Reasons Why Your Concrete Block Machine Is Producing Low-Quality Blocks And How To Solve Them

There could be several reasons why your concrete block machine is producing low-quality blocks. Some common reasons are:

  1. Low-quality aggregate: The quality of the blocks largely depends on the quality of the aggregate that is used to prepare mortar. raw materials should be clean and without mud or any other different materials attached to them.

  2. low-quality cement: this doesn't happen much because if the cement quality is low, we add more cement to the mortar. so generally this won't be the reason. the reason might be adding a smaller amount of cement than required.
  3. low-quality water: the water that is used for the mortar should be clean and not too salty. the water quality affects the breaking point of the blocks and also if the water is salty after the blocks are dried there will be traces of salt on the surface of the block as well.
  4. Improper mix design: The mix recipe of the mortar used in making the blocks must be proportioned correctly. If the mix design is incorrect, the blocks will not be strong enough and may crack or break easily. For example, if you add too much water it can't be shaped at all. if you add inadequate water, the particles won't stick to each other as they should.

  5. molds are not clean: if molds are not clean, the shape of the blocks will not be perfect. for the hollow blocks with a bottom design, if the mold is dirty the bottom part will not be fully covered. The molds should be cleaned every day at the end of the shift.
  6. molds are worn out or damaged: the molds have a life expectancy. the molds that are used too much and their life is over won't be able to produce good shape blocks. The molds are replaced by new ones when they are worn out.
  7. press system might be faulty: the press system is responsible to make the particles stick to each other by applying pressure. normally the machines should provide 150 to 200 bars of pressure to be able to produce good-quality blocks.
    you can check the hydraulic gauge when the machine is applying pressure to see how many bars it produces. there are a few reasons for low-pressure hydraulic force:
    1. The oil is dirty and too old and needs to be replaced.
    2. The hydraulic filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.
    3. The piston is broken and needs to be repaired.
  8. Lack of maintenance: Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the machine is functioning optimally. If the machine is not maintained properly, it may produce low-quality blocks.
    there are certain joints that need to be lubricated and cleaned regularly as well.

  9. vibration table is not functioning well.
    there are gears inside the vibration table that need to be greased regularly and also every 6 months it should be opened and cleaned.
    there are mostly two electric motors to operate the vibration table. both motors should be turning in the correct order, Otherwise, it will certainly result in low-compressed blocks. There are also 2 gears in the vibration table that are changed yearly to guarantee high-quality blocks.

In the video below you can see how a premium-quality concrete block machine works. for further videos, you can visit concrete block making machine.

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