Beyazli Group Is Exporting Block Making Machines To Somali

The two countries Somali and Turkey had previously signed trade businesses in the energy and electricity industries. Apart from previous relations between the two countries, Somali has become very important and we are committed to reinforcing these relations for the mutual benefits of our two countries.  It will also open gates for the Somali business community to have a business to a business agreement with our company which produces high-quality hollow block machines, paving block machines, and concrete batching plants.

On 11/24/2019 Muse and Jama visited our company and they were more than satisfied with our high-quality block making machines. Musa and Jama were England citizens and were Somali entrepreneurs.


lasanod city somali at night


These Somali entrepreneurs purchased a block making machine which can produce daily (8hours) 4.000 Pieces of hollow blocks or 300 square meters of paving blocks. They were planning to install in Laascaanood city in Somalia. We make an agreement with Jama and muse related to the brick making machine that will install in Somalia. The brick making machine he bought muse has this feature.

Single motor hopper/0.5m3

Operator control system

spend less energy minimum consumption

The production capacity of 100-120 pallets/hours

Machine dimension 200 cm/550cm/250cm

Vibration force is 36000kg

Hydraulic motor power is 5.5kw

Total power usage 18 kw

Hydraulic pressure is 150 bar machine which we sell to musa and jama machine which we sell tp musa and jama.


Block making machine in Somali

By changing the mold, the block making machine can produce any types of concrete paving blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks, insulated bricks, different types of curbstones, polystyrene concrete blocks also known as styrofoam concrete blocks, and chimney blocks with the height Between 5cm to 25 Cm.

Equipment List With Prices, installation layout and land preparation are given to the customer as well. The block making machine is very fast and has high production capacity through special servo motors.

There is no obligation for roofing, Maximum income with fewer workers, available Automation system for every budget, Daily Capacity (8 Hours) 4.000 Pieces Concrete Hollow Blocks or 300 M² Paving Blocks are the most important features of Beyazli group concrete block machines.

Our company's policy is customer satisfaction and secure trading. Easy communication with customer representatives with preferred language. International contract with preferred language. according to established infrastructure and experienced staff 24hours online support. Leasing and possibility to trade with a letter of credit. The warranty period can be extended up to 5 years. We guarantee that intervene time globally is a maximum of 72-120hours. Ability to keep track of live shipment products on websites. Free operator training and certification. Able to buy with the term with private bank agreements. On-time production and on-time delivery montage.
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