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The paving block is one of the most important construction materials which are using mostly on construction sites. Paving blocks are a building material intended for paving paths, sidewalks and other similar objects with small and medium mechanical loads. For producing the best quality paving blocks, it is necessary to buy a paving block machine also called paver block machine.

It is obtained by semi-automatic or automatic paving block machines of high-quality concrete with special additives. These special paving blocks can be used almost everywhere. It is one of the reasons they can serve a very long time without any deformation or issues.


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In order to produce high-quality paving blocks, we need to use a paving block machine. Because it is just possible to produce good quality paving blocks for construction with these kinds of machines especially with hollow block machine also. One of the trends in current construction is uniqueness, interesting design solutions for a specific task. This is especially true when building private pathways. Often for the design of the original idea requires specific building materials. Today this problem is easily solved with the help of special paving block machines. Especially these specially designed paving block machines or generally block making machines are capable to produce different types of paving blocks.

The equipment of the concrete paving block machine is used for molding individual parts of concrete building material and in various formats. With its help, it is easy to achieve the unique external attractiveness of a building or sidewalk and embody intricate design ideas.


concrete paving blocks


Paving block machine products

Using semi-automatic or automatic machines allow you to create elements of the following categories of building materials:

* Building blocks

* Concrete pavings

* Concrete hollow blocks

* Curbstones

Paving blocks have become widely used in different countries recently along with hollow blocks. These paving blocks are easily pushed traditional asphalt and other types of pavement into the background.

The popularity of paving blocks is due to several different factors written below:

1. Clear diverse shapes and patterns on the surface and different types of colors allow the paving blocks to look beautiful on the surface of a street, and in front of a country house, and on footpaths. It gives the area a neat and finished look.

2. Durability: Due to the use of high-quality materials in the production of the paving block, this type of coating is very wear-resistant. It can even be used for paving objects exposed to high mechanical stress. In addition, the tile is well tolerated by temperature fluctuations. It does not crack; its surface retains its original appearance for at least a decade.

3. Easy styling: Thanks to its clear dimensions, the process of laying tiles are very simple and take little time. And, in comparison with the laying of asphalt and other coatings, it does not require the use of special road equipment.

4. Environmental friendliness: How many of us have not heard the smell that the asphalt coating emits when heated in the summer heat? But all these are carcinogenic toxic resins. Paving blocks do not emit any harmful volatile substances. In addition, even on a summer sunny afternoon, it is not as hot as the asphalt, which literally "burns". There is no doubt that this type of coating does not have a harmful effect on human health.

5. Profitability: And, despite such good aesthetic, operational and environmental characteristics, paving slabs are also economically attractive

6. capability of interlocking: paving blocks are produced in a shape that are interlocked to each other and hold each other tightly when pressure is applied. the paving block machines that produce these blocks are called Interlocking brick machine.


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Paving block machine economically friendly

The use of paving block machine technology certainly allows you to most efficiently organize the production process with relatively low cost and gives the following advantages:

  • Extensive molding capabilities.
  • High-quality work performed.
  • Possibility of producing a single large batch of materials of non-standard shapes and sizes.
  • significant time savings.
  • Much lower labor costs.
  • Small overspending of the solution for modeling due to clear parameter settings.


In Bess company which is located in Turkey, we are currently producing different types of paving block machines with different capacities.


paving block machine operating platform


Paving block machine specification and advantages

Bess company produces paving block machines with the advantages below.

  • There is a second aggregate hopper on the machine and it allows to produce double layer paving blocks.
  • All our paving block machines are produced by high-quality standards.
  • For new customers or who are still using old machines, we recommend purchasing semi-automatic type paving block machines. these machines are all categorized as concrete block machines.
  • For experienced customers, we recommend purchasing an automatic paving block machine.
  • You can read all the technical details, see the pictures and other details on our web sites Bess and Vess.
  • we send our technical team for installation the machine.
  • The installation process and operator training course are totally free.
  • in case of machine failure, we can provide the spare parts of the machine.
  • We have totally 2 years warranty.
  • If you have any questions about the machinery, we have an online support system and you can reach anytime by calling or sending an email.
  • Technical drawing of the machines can be sent to the customer just before the installation process for preparing the site.
  • According to your needs, it is possible to add or remove the equipment that you need for the machines.
  • For extra molds, you just need to call the factory and order the shape that you need.




This smallest paving block machine can produce 300 square meters of paving blocks or 4000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks in eight hours. Also, the machine can produce 1000 pieces of curbstones. You just enough to change the mold to produce other kinds of concrete products. The machine has double hoppers and it can produce double layers of paving blocks. The machine is automatic type, it has front and rear robots and can be controlled by the operator.

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Several ways in order to produce paving blocks

  • Manual: there is a "human factor", inaccuracy in the proportions of the constituent components, which significantly reduces the quality of the products.
    The use of concrete mixtures of the liquid type - during the evaporation of excess moisture, small voids are formed, into which water penetrates during operation and after its freezing, the destruction of the structure is inevitable. This factor significantly reduces the strength and durability of the paving block.
  • Automated production: this means that it is automatic dosing of components, the absence of a human factor; The use of a semi-dry solution, which eliminates the formation of excess moisture, which means that the strength and durability of the tile are significantly increased.


Manual and automatic paving block machine comparison

  • Shapes and geometry: Because the production of paving blocks is a non-automated process ( when it's produced by manually ) and the formation takes place due to its own weight, the geometry suffers accordingly, the paving block can vary in thickness, which is extremely inconvenient when laying it. But the automated production and use of high-pressure paving blocks machines make it possible to have accurate shapes and sizes of tiles. As for the shapes, the casting wins with a variety of shapes and patterns and paving blocks have simple geometric shapes - squares, rectangles, rhombuses, hexagons.
  • Structure: Paving blocks which have created manually have layer heterogeneity, which often causes the surface to peel off from the bottom base. The automated production is characterized by uniformity and finely porous structure, again thanks to the production technology, which positively affects the strength and durability.
  • Color and appearance. Paving blocks which are produced by paving block machines are quite attractive, has bright colors and various patterns, has a smooth shiny surface. And they can able to use long time without any deformations. Because of nice-looking, most of the people prefer to purchase this kind of paving blocks.
  • Frost resistance, durability and service life. Automated pressed paving blocks, due to their production technology, are characterized by high frost resistance, resistant to environmental influences, precipitation, and chemicals, has a high degree of strength, which can withstand the movement of trucks.  Such paving blocks will serve faithfully for at least 10 years. Manufacturers give guarantees for a service life of up to 25 years.
  • For use, automated pressed paving blocks are more versatile and depending on their thickness they are used for almost any purpose: from paving garden paths to paving the carriageway where trucks pass. This tile is ideal for areas with active traffic, parking lots, sidewalks and wide city streets.


automatic paving block machine plant



We always recommend purchasing a high-quality paving block machine if you want to produce good quality paving blocks. We offer different Concrete block manufacturing business plans based on your needs. With this kind of machines, it's possible to produce almost all kind of concrete products. For more details, you can always contact us:


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