Concrete Brick Machines In Ethiopia

Mr. Ferhan, our valued Ethiopian customer, recently visited our factory at Beyazli Group to purchase a brick making machine. With almost two decades of expertise, Beyazli Group has been dedicated to crafting high-quality brick making machines, concrete block making machines, paving block machines, and hollow block machines. Situated in Trabzon, Turkey, our company stands as a reliable source for advanced and premium construction machinery.


Our factory consistently draws a significant number of visitors attracted by the excellence of our block making machines. On this occasion, our guests hail from Ethiopia, having discovered us online in response to their brick making machine requirements. Through detailed discussions with our knowledgeable sales agent, they gained a comprehensive understanding of our factory and machinery. Seeking further collaboration, they chose to visit our facility in person for a more in-depth insight into our operations.


The sales manager on behalf of the company extended a warm welcome to the visit of our Ethiopian customer and arranged careful reception work. our english department also did the translation for him. They visited our factory production line accompanied by our sales agent, with the guidance of a relevant technician, the customers conducted a field test, and the customers were full of praise for the superb performance of our equipment.


In Ethiopia, Arabic is also spoken, and we have an Arabic translator available in our company for any communication needs. Our highly experienced sales team has successfully conducted sales in over 52 countries. Over the past two decades, our machines have been tested in challenging weather conditions, and we consistently upgrade them annually. The machine's reliable performance and our efficient after-sales service set us apart from other brands, making us the preferred choice.


Following the factory visit, we engaged in thorough discussions with our company's senior management regarding potential collaboration. We aim to foster mutually beneficial developments in our future cooperative projects. Below are some pictures capturing the customer's visit to Beyazli Group, the concrete brick making machine company in Trabzon, Turkey.



We currently have five different machines installed in various regions of Ethiopia, spanning locations such as Dire Dawa, Jijiga, Arbaminch, and other areas. Feel free to visit our plants and witness our machines in action.




The Semi-Automatic PRS400 system, equipped with the latest technology, operates around the clock and delivers high-speed production. It can create a variety of concrete products, including paving blocks, hollow blocks, insulated bricks, curbstones, floor blocks, and chimney blocks, with a product height ranging from 5cm to 30cm. Over 300 PRS family block making machines have been successfully installed in different countries. This machine achieves a capacity of 4,000 concrete blocks or 300 square meters of paving blocks in 8 hours. There are also bigger models too.


In economies with affordable labor, we consistently advise customers to opt for semi-automatic machines with increased capacities. These machines offer cost-effective solutions and are simpler to repair in case of breakdowns. Opting for an automatic machine with lower capacity can have a negative impact on your daily income, resulting in lower overall earnings compared to investing in a semi-automatic machine with higher capacity.

Selecting the most suitable machine for your business relies on various factors. Feel free to reach out to us for professional guidance to determine the optimal machine for your specific needs.

How to purchase Bess concrete block machines

Feel free to reach out to us at any time using the contact details provided below. Additionally, you can find detailed technical information about the machine in the article dedicated to the hollow block machine.

Our well-experienced sales department has extensive knowledge of technical details and stands ready to assist you in selecting the optimal machine for your plant, considering both your capacity requirements and project budget. Beyond that, we offer tailored production business plans specific to your country, drawing insights from our experience in various regions. We also guide you in choosing the appropriate molds based on market demand.