our machine became more attractive for different continent in the world

its very important to have an understandable about the business plan which should include your staratejic subject.

we aim at creating the maximum comfortable conditions  and reliable marketing our company need to prefer  agood machine with good price, but it does't mean that cheap machine is choosable. for example,in our company we have very reasonable price and you can choose one of our machine s which you need for production process in this business.

we signed our machinery agreement with our ivory coast customers from america.pleas click the link of concrete plants, brick-paving machine and curbstone machine that our customers  is inspecting.

concrete  plants,brick -paving machine and curbstone. 

when we showing mousa diaby our compact machine

having agood time with mousa from amerika

according to your needs you can choose any types of our product such as all stationary machine of brick machine,paving block machine,and also laying machine and compact.All our product we take to warrantly so as to bacome suitable for the customers.

you don't need to look more, its enough to contact us and we will give full details of our company, product nad features of the machine.


Most of the exporting companys have their own operators training course, mostly free of charge, all thıs result on the good formatıon .For concrete brick making business visit our website. In our company there are three types of brick making machine. One of them is semi automatic, the other one is automatic and the other one is fully automatic. Daily capacity is starting from 4.000 pieces bricks up to 24.000 bricks. For more details try to call us or send an email.

 when our customers come to us, we show so many machine that we design our special  clients from around world. some tha machine we sell suitable price and we also plan  how our customers get every thing needs such as  spare parts of machine. also we prepare a  condition  that can be possible to our customers like we gurantee 2years or more and also we install machine every where you want. 

compact machine, is mahine whcih we prepare for long time to our clients maximum needs for every direction. we are providing the chance for you to make aproduct such as ready mix concrete - Asmolen- concrete blocks-paving blocks-garden blocks-and others with some machine.

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BESS which has been an organization of Beyazlı Group has begun the commercial activities as manufacturing Hollow Block Machines, Concrete Plants, Moulding Industry since 2007. It is a leader of industry sector which aims to grow rapidly with the experienced and expert staff......


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