As a leading global manufacturer of Concrete Block Making Machines and Paving Block Making Machines, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions and prices for any production requirements. We can provide Complete Concrete Block Production plant. We also supply stand-alone Batching Plants and Concrete Laying Block machines as well as their spare parts.


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High-Quality Semi-Automatic Hollow Block And Paving Block Machine

Bess Concrete Block Machines machines' prices are different depending on their model type and capacity. We are producing the different types of Semi-Automatic, Automatic and full- Automatic concrete block making machines.



As we are a manufacturer company located in Turkey, we always try to produce machines with premium quality. Our machines are manufactured by high standards not only for electric and hydraulic units but also for all the different parts. It's the reason that our customers are able to use these machines for a long time without any issue and they can produce high-quality concrete products. The point is our machines can produce almost all kinds of concrete blocks.


Bess company also produces paver block machines with different capacities. their price is different based on many factors so the best way is to read the main article paver block machine or contact us directly for an offer based on your needs.


Concrete Block Making Machine Price 2020

There are a few main factors that affect the total price of the concrete block making machine.

1. The capacity of the machine

2. The automation level of the machine

3. The equipment that you choose to come with the machine.

The table below shows the concrete block making machine price 2020. If you need more information you can contact us, our contact details are available at the end of this article.


Machine Name Automation Level Capacity For Blocks Capacity For Paving Blocks Installation Price
PRS400 Semi-Automatic 4000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm 300 m² Free 49500 USD
PRS400 Automatic 4000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm 300 m² Free 66900 USD
PRS600  Semi-Automatic 6000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm 400 m² Free 56800 USD
PRS600 Automatic 6000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm 400 m² Free 76400 USD
PRS 800 Semi-Automatic 8000 Pieces 20cmx40cmx20cm 550 m² Free 85300 USD


You can also visit our product page to access all the available machines.




Sample Installation Layout For A Concrete Block Machine

Small-Type-Block-Making-Machine.jpg Sample-Installation-Layout-For-Block-Machine.jpg

You are able to choose the most suitable block making machine according to your needs. Here below you can read the necessary pieces of equipment which are used on the semi-automatic or automatic machines :

  • The extra hopper can be added to the single hopper machines
  • Single hopper machines also can produce paving blocks ( single-layer paving blocks)
  • By changing the mold, it's possible to produce different kinds of concrete products ( height must be between 5 cm to 25 cm )
  • There are two options for the main pallet collecting system.
  • Possible to use manual handcarts for collecting the ready products or it can be operated by robots ( loader and unloader robots )
  • The main pressure system has high pressure and it causes to provide more resistant and tougher blocks. The standard pressure we use on our machines is higher than the international pressure standard.
  • Machines can be operated by an operator who stands at the operator platform near the machine.




Our latest concrete block machinery development is based on the technology where the traditional hydraulic operations are replaced by modern electro-mechanical operations.

This development allows for modern and precise automation, moderate use of energy, and easy maintenance. The concrete block machines are equipped with an express mold change system together with the automation that minimizes the downtime when changing the product.




The quality of the products is much higher and the economy of the production line has improved drastically due to less energy consumption, minimal downtime, and less maintenance.

It is also possible to choose an automatic concrete block making machine if you are interested. Bess suggests this machine to different countries where labor cost is a little bit high compared to other countries.


If you cant choose which machine is the best machine for your project and you need more information please consider the details below.

First, you need to choose whether you need to produce double layer paving blocks or not.

If you don't need double layer paving blocks then you can choose a single-hopper machine. more details about single-hopper machines are provided in the article hollow block making machine.

If you need to produce double layer paving blocks due to market demand you need a paver block machine.

after choosing the number of hoppers, you need to decide whether you need a semi-automatic machine or an automatic machine. Here is the best tip for you.

IF you are living in a country where labor costs and land are cheap, it is wiser to choose a semi-automatic machine. Here are some countries as examples: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Iran, 

If you are establishing your plant in a country with high labor costs and expensive land you need to choose an automatic block machine because it requires fewer workers and smaller land.

Do you still have questions? contact us:

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