Concrete Block Making Machines Price 2018

Concrete Block Making Machines Price 2019

As a leading global manufacturer of Concrete Block Making Machines and Paving Block Making Machines, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions and price for any production requirements. We can provide Complete Concrete Block Production plant. We also supply stand-alone Batching Plants and Concrete Laying Block machines as well as their spare parts.


High-Quality Semi Automatic Hollow And Paving Block Machine
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Concrete Block Machines are expensive pieces of equipment, so it's easy to experience a little sticker shock. Our machines prices are different depending on their model type and quality. We are producing the different type of machines Semi-Automatic, Automatic and full- Automatic machine.


Sample Installation Layout For Block Machine
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As we are a manufacturer company located in Turkey, we are always trying to produce machines with high quality. Our machines are producing by high standards not only for electric units but also for all the different parts. it's the reason that our customers are able to use these machines a long time without any issue and they can produce high-quality stone products. The point is our machines can produce almost all kinds of stone products.

You are able to choose the most suitable stationary or laying brick making machine ( mobile ) according to your needs. Here below you can read the necessary pieces of equipment which are used on the semi-automatic or automatic machines :

* Extra hopper can be added for the machines ( single or double hopper )

* Single hopper machines also can produce paving blocks ( single layer )

* Changing the mold, it's possible to produce different kinds of stone products ( height must be between 5 cm to 25 cm )

* There are two options for the main collecting system the stone products.

* Possible to use manual handcarts for collecting the ready products or it can be operated by robots ( loader and unloader robots )

* Main pressure system has high pressure and it causes to provide more resistant and tougher blocks.

* Machines can be operated by an operator who stands at operator platform nearby the machine.

 Every time our customers contact us their first question is the price, so today here below we are sharing Concrete Block Making Machines Price list 2019:



        Semi-Automatic Paving Block Machine

      4.000 concrete blocks 40x20x20 / 300m2

                 Paving Block in ( 8 hours )

              Single Hopper /0.5 m³

              Price: 47000$ / Plant 

           8.000 concrete blocks 40x20x20
            300m2  Paving Block in ( 8 hours )
            Double Hopper /0.5 m³
          Price: 65000$ / Plant

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