Hollow Blocks, Solid Blocks, And Concrete Blocks In different Types And Sizes

As you probably know, concrete blocks are mainly classified into two (2) types depending on the structure, the shape, the size, and the manufacturing processes. These two types of concrete blocks are:

  • Solid Concrete Blocks



  • Hollow Concrete Blocks



Concrete blocks are produced in several dimensions and shapes. This type of concrete block is more resistant to natural disasters. In general, the hollow block walls are built with steel rods, cement, gravel, and other additional materials.

In order to manufacture concrete blocks such as hollow block, paving block, curbstone (or Kerbstone), etc. it is necessary to have a concrete block machine. The concrete block machines work with molds. By changing the mold you can produce the shape that you need.

Depending on the market you can have a semi-automatic concrete block machine, an automatic machine, or a fully automatic machine.

This depends on many factors. If you need details about the machine you can read the article related to them ''Concrete block making machine''.

Solid Concrete Blocks

Solid concrete blocks are used for special purposes, this kind of block is heavy in weight and manufactured from the dense aggregate. Solid concrete blocks are very strong and provide good stability to the structures.

So for large work of masonry like for load-bearing walls these kid of blocks is preferable. As solid blocks produced in larger sizes compared to bricks. So, it takes less time and energy to construct concrete walls than brick walls.



Hollow Concrete Blocks

Hollow concrete blocks are used a lot in the construction industry they are made of exactly the same aggregates as solid concrete blocks. as per the name, we understand that this kind of block has holes that fill with mortar of lightweight aggregate material.

The holes occupy between 25-50% of the total volume of the block. Hollow concrete blocks are used as conduits for electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and HVAC piping. Due to the hollows, the thermal and sound insulation properties of these bricks are very good, and they also require less concrete mortar or plastering compared to solid blocks. They are lightweight blocks and easy to install.


Hollow concrete block


8 popular Types of Hollow Concrete Blocks

1. Stretcher block

2. Corner block

3. Pillar block

4. Jamb block

5. Partition block

6. Lintel block

7. Frogged brick block

8. Bullnose block

You can visit our concrete block mold gallery for more details.


How to choose a cement block making machine price?


If you search “cement block machine for sale” in a search engine like Google, you will probably have millions of results. That will almost be the same number of results if you have search “block machine price list” or “solid block making machine price” instead. It will not be easy for you to choose the best website and then buy a machine that suits you.


choose cement block making machine from Turkey


Every customer (or concrete block manufacturer) should be taking into consideration some questions before buying a concrete block machine:

  • Is this machine reliable, robust, and solid enough to produce quality blocks?
  • Does the machine have all the features required for producing different types of concrete blocks?
  • What are the prices and is there a discount available?
  • Do we have an alternative and cost-effective concrete block machine with the same features?


Concrete blocks are manufactured in required shapes and sizes and these might be solid blocks or hollow blocks. A paver is a block made of stone or concrete used for paving the roadway or backyard of our houses. If you have sufficient and reliable answers to these questions, you will make the best choice.




According to our study, the hollow block making machine price in India or China is not very different from the price of other manufacturers in Turkey. The quality or features of these machines are sometimes not suitable for some countries in Asia or Africa regarding the differences in climate. Our company BEYAZLI GROUP manufactures concrete block machines not only for Turkey but also for all the countries over the world. Some features of our concrete block machines:

  • Paving block, hollow block, solid block, and curbstones machines
  • Premium quality machines with german equipment installed on the machine
  • Reliable Machines
  • Available in different capacities
  • Available in different automation levels
  • Robust Machines
  • Best Quality Machines.

The technology used in the concrete block machine


Technology used for concrete block machine


The technology used for the manufacture of our concrete block machine meets European standards. The technological part of the machines is generally similar to Siemens technologies because we are using Siemens equipment. The use of the latest technology on these concrete block machines has made a difference in terms of quality.

A very high power electric motor allows a vibration frequency of more than 4500 rpm. The shape of the blocks or pavers depends on the choice of customers. The concrete block machine has the possibility to produce blocks with a size between 5 cm and 30 cm in height. The machine produces between 4 and 72 blocks in a single press. Our technology allows the machine to produce not only pavers but also different types of concrete block such as:

  • The concrete hollow blocks (or bricks) like stretcher block, corner block, pillar block, jamb block, partition block, lintel block, frogged brick block, bullnose block…
  • Curbstones
  • Standard Core-Fill Block
  • Column Block
  • Slump Block
  • Retaining-Wall Block
  • Grasscrete
  • and the slabs for the construction of the buildings.

This technology allows you to produce all these types of concrete blocks in different colors and patterns. If you are looking for a concrete block machine for sale, you can visit our products on the website. After purchasing the machine, we deliver three molds to the customer depending on his or her choice.




For more information about our concrete block making machines or to get a hollow block manufacturing business plan based on your machine and country, please contact us on below contact details.

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