Automatic concrete block making machine price

Automatic concrete block making machine price

Bess Automatic concrete block making machine
                                                                                                          Automatic concrete block making machine



Excellence in design and performance


Bess Automatic concrete block machine is a high-performance automatic machine and it is able to produce Concrete Paving Blocks - Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks – Different Curbstones – Asmolen and Chimney Blocks Which Height Must Be Between 5cm And 25 cm. Bess Automatic concrete block machine is designed with the latest technology system most of our machine's spare parts are from Simons company and you can find our machine spare parts everywhere easily.

We offer this Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine in different technical specifications to meet the varied needs of clients with reasonable prices.

The following specifications are the tangible characteristics of Bess Automatic concrete block machine:

  • Quality: Our machines are designed and built using the highest quality materials even for the simplest parts.
  • Service: Bess Machines offer excellent on-time service with trained technicians and online support team.
  • Spare parts: Quality spare parts can be supplied in a very short time.

 Smallest automatic concrete block making machine Product Capacity

Hollow Block 100 X 400 X 200 8  8.000
Hollow Block 150 X 400 X 200 6  6.000
Hollow Block 200 X 400 X 200 4  4.000
Asmolen 250 X 400 X 200 3  3.000



Automatic concrete block making machine price


Bess Automatic Concrete Block Machine prices are changed according to their capacity and automation level:


Automatic concrete block machine PRS 400
 4000 Block/hour
Price 72605 $
Automatic concrete block machine PRS 600
6000 Block/hour
Price 92305 $
Automatic concrete block machine PRS 800
8000 Block/hour
Price 114000 $

note that these prices are for the full automatic hollow concrete block machines, the semi-automatic types are cheaper.

Automatic concrete block machine Video


After this, the development cost provided a needed for a far more economical and simpler alternative. this is an alternative to select a different machine which has different capacity and different technical specification. For Example, production capacity is 100-120 pallets/hour, control system I Automatic, motor hoppers, and capacity are double hoppers, weigh 11.000kg and machine dimensions which is 220cm/1150cm/250cm/.



parke4-makinasi-ca567a.jpg paving-brick-machine.jpg
                                double-hopper hollow concrete block machine                                             double -hopper hollow block machine 2


If you’ve been convinced by our machine, we can guarantee to produce sturdy block construction. All machine has a warranty for 2years and special equipment. Except for the product drying and curing rooms, there is no equipment needed in the plant area. For a plant of these features the recommended installation. Curing and stock area is minimum 3.000m2. there is no obligation for roofing.




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