Hollow Block Machine

Hollow block machine

 In continue with floor and decorative block paving stone. In general the machine which produce brick for pedestrian or trafic vehicle or floor or curbstone are named Hollow block machine..

Hollow block machine making

Nowadays, according to the Daily and geographical necessity, stuffs and human being need making the Project convable with the development of the technology; the Hollow block machine was discovered.The using of task as mechanical, hydrolic ,automation electric and painting allows to the production of Hollow block machine and the establishment of a factory.

Hollow block factory

After the final step of Hollow block machine .The Hollow Block machine will be take to the production place with a convable container. After attending to the place, the Hollow block machine will be establish in the appropriate place for the production. The customer needs to choose some employers, that will be train about using the machine.finaly, the production of the Hollow block factory attends. 

1-otomatik-tek_kova.pngHollow block making

The choosing of convable aggregate, the machine equipment , machine mixer with mortter are prepared to the customer from the geographical situation. The 100% homogenous of the aggregate mixer are carried to mortar by the conveyor belt. The machine automation system from the operator due the Hollow block making .


Manual Hollow block machine

it is a machine made with a stable capacıty and controled by a perfom employer.the production of Hollow Block due to the manual Hollow Block machine need some stuff as concrete mixer where the mixer is filled to the mortar by wheelbarrow and operator directions. Manual Hollow block machine is not a fixed machine.The operator can deplace the machine during the production. It no need the palet. Hollow Block stone productıon is changeable according to country.

Semi Automatic Concrete Hollow Block And Paving Block Making Machine


Hollow block machines
the instalatıon of the machine produces Hollow Block ,block paving and curbstone need some different stuffs products and aggregates . According of the country’s economy necessity, we can resume the daily and annual productions of Hollow Block stone, loked block paing stone and cubstone . the using of minimal special equipment can allows to have a quality and fast production with the Hollow block machines

Second hand machine prices

The Hollow Block machine bought sometimes may occur some problems due to the badest way to use the machine.İn this case the second hand machine prices is better than the new machine. However the wrong way the machine uses, it needs to attend the technical service for repairing or the waranty will not applicated.

Hollow block machine prices

country ,sometimes up the society necessity needs to mutiply cities to response easily.According to architectors, with architect studing preferred using alot Hollow Block stone and new industry for high building floor, responsing to the climate and geographic impact.The machıne produced Hollow Block stone is named Hollow Block machine.According to the Hollow block machine prices , factor as the machine capacity production depends sometimes of using of minimal special equipment can allows to have a quality and fastness.

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