Hollow Blocks Business Plan

Hollow blocks business plan is very popular these days not only in our country but also almost anywhere in the world especially for those who want to open a profitable business in the construction field. Currently, the building materials market is expanding, new types of building materials are appearing - better, more efficient, and heaper. 

You can read the details, a profitable hollow blocks business plan for the production of blocks will be proposed for consideration. This article is a part of the main article hollow block machine describing the main technical and operational features of concrete hollow blocks and the machine, based on which a private developer or entrepreneur will be able to choose the equipment necessary for his needs.  Automatic-Block-Making-Machine.jpg


When organizing such a business, complex issues should not arise, since the production technology is quite simple, and the finished product is not subject to mandatory certification, which significantly reduces investments and other difficulties associated with the promotion of products on the market. We can explain that the concrete block machine is a complex specialized device for the production of building materials from concrete. These materials are hollow blocks, solid blocks, styrofoam concrete blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and other kinds of various decorative products. On this special kind of concrete block machine, different kinds of concrete stone products can be produced by vibration and pressure.



The hollow blocks business plan includes the following items

* Business plan for the production process
* Purchasing for concrete hollow blocks machine
* Procurement of components necessary for the production
* Production technology
* Counting investments
* Calculation of profit of the enterprise and all other kinds of details should be discussed and decided for the concrete hollow blocks business plan.


You especially need to answer these questions for this business. Why did we choose this particular line of activity? What is the advantage of a hollow blocks business? Concrete hollow blocks are a fairly popular material in construction. Demand for it increases significantly during the season. This is due to the following factors:

* Lower price compared to other kinds of construction materials, which leads to increased demand for the construction of inexpensive country houses.

* A lightweight. According to the raw materials used, hollow blocks are lighter than other kinds of materials from the construction.  From here shipping expenses will be not too much.

* Environmental friendliness. These special concrete hollow blocks do not contain any kind of harmful chemical materials as they are made only from cement, sand, water, and different kind of additive materials.

* Low thermal conductivity. The cost of heating a house or room is reduced by 20 - 30%, which avoids the additional cost of a heat-insulating material.

From a business point of view, the production of hollow blocks is profitable due to the availability of a rich raw material base in any country, a good choice of domestic and foreign equipment, and a simple production technology.


 Block Making Machine Details

 For producing good quality hollow blocks, you need to purchase any kind of high-quality concrete hollow blocks making machine. 

What equipment will be needed for the production of hollow blocks :

* Hollow block making machine, the automation can be different, like a semi-automatic, automatic, or fully automatic.

* Concrete mixers

* Aggregate hopper for raw materials such as cement, sand, water, and additives

* Conveyor belts for transferring the materials into the mixer


Production Process Of Concrete Hollow Blocks

Production technology for concrete hollow blocks totally consists of 3 stages:

The first stage is mixture preparation, different kinds of raw materials can be added to each other and mortar will be produced by the mixer.
The second stage is the production of blocks; with the help of a concrete hollow blocks machine, these blocks can be produced by semi-automatic and automatic machines.
The last stage is the drying and storage of blocks. The ready concrete hollow blocks can be curried in the area.

The mixture is prepared according to a pre-selected recipe. The components are laid in a concrete mixer, water is poured into the same place. The mixture should mix well and become homogeneous.

After mixing the mixture, it must be laid in the form of a vibrating machine and turned on the vibration. The mixture should fill the molds evenly, as it shrinks, add new portions of the mixture until the molds are filled. After shrinkage of concrete, you can remove the mold, leaving the finished blocks on the floor (or bedding for them). Now you can lay a new portion of the mixture in the mold.

Drying the blocks needs to be given a separate time: the first 24 hours the blocks dry as they were left after the machine. During drying, they sometimes need to be moistened with water, like any concrete product. After a day, the blocks are turned on their side and dried for another 24 hours. After 2 days, they can be stacked on pallets. further details are provided in brick making machine article. also, the prices of the machine are included.

 At this point, the hollow blocks business plan needs to choose what kind of hollow blocks machine you will buy? In our company as we are manufacturing and currently producing different kinds of machines, we offer different options for the customers who are willing to enter the hollow blocks business plan. All our machines can able to produce almost all kinds of concrete stone products such as concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and others. Changing the mold is enough to produce other kinds of concrete stone products. As you can see one of our automatic concrete hollow blocks machines can produce almost all kinds of concrete stone products.  



If you need to produce double-layer paving blocks with color, you will need double-hopper block making machines. This machine is called a paving block machine and they are categorized differently. These machines are a little more expensive than normal machines. you can read further details in its own article paving block machine.



The advantages of the hollow block making machine

* We are using high-quality materials for the concrete block machine.

* According to your demand you can buy any kind of machine-like full or mini plant, for each machine which we are producing in our company.

* We have different automation for the machines, semi-automatic or automatic.

* All machines are capable to produce almost all kinds of concrete stone products just enough to change the mold.

* High productivity - the machines can produce concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and others.

*For more videos you can visit our youtube channel Bess Machine En.



We recommend purchasing always high-quality hollow blocks machines if you decide to enter the business of the hollow block for producing hollow blocks. Also if you buy any kind of hollow block machine, you can produce any kind of concrete stone products without any deformation or cracking. For more details about the machines, you can always contact us. All our machines, technical details and price information you can check out on our websites. We offer the most suitable hollow block machine. Hollow blocks business plan, always one of the most suitable businesses for new and experienced customers.