Bess concrete block machine in Palestine

Most Palestine people use our brick machine, paving block machine, and curbstone machine. We have big respect for Palestine customers because of their good behavior and their experience with high-quality brick machines. We believe the needs of the brick machines around the world will cover our brick machine and paving machine design for our company.

After long time communication with Mustafa Nasa from Palestine, we completely transported brick machine to Palestine.

Persuasion of Mr. Mustafa Nasa to choose our block making machine was easy, based on the quality machine that we have designed.

 Prs1002-Automatic paving machine transported to the palestine  mixtur transports palestine

If you’re also trying to start your concrete block production business, our machine is the best option to start a local business because we design machines that are suitable for everyone and every budget.

All the block making machines that we produce are based on European standards. Not only the PRS-1002 Automatic paving machine which Mustafa Nasa transported to Palestine but also all the concrete block machines that we produce are heavy duty concrete block machines.

There is another alternative which may be suitable for you, so visit our youtube channel so as to get more options and more details.

Check PRS-1002 automatic paving machine which is most attractive according to the customers.


 pavaing machine Automatic


Concrete block machine technical details

Automatic System Is Made Like A Mortar Plant. Bess concrete block machines are designed to work on a 24-hour basis. It has a different automation system and capacity. This machine is very fast and has a high production capacity.

By Changing The Mold the concrete block Machine Can Produce Any Types of Concrete Paving Blocks - Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks, Curbstones, styrofoam concrete blocks, polystyrene concrete blocks, And Chimney Blocks Which Height Must Be Between 5cm and 25 Cm. Equipment List With Prices, Prepared Related To The Installation Layout Is Given Below. Daily Capacity (8 Hours) 10.000 Pieces Concrete Hollow Blocks / 700 m² Paving Blocks.

Technical specification of the concrete block machine:

Production Capacity is 100-120 Pallets / Hour

Hydraulic Motor Power is 19.5 Kw

Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity is 700L

Total Power consumption is 43 Kw

Weight is 6.500 Kg

Machine Dimensions is 200 cm /1150/ 250 cm

Mortar Hoppers and Capacity is double Hopper /0.5 m³

With 18 pallets produce 18.000 Pieces of hollow blocks

We make secure trade to Palestine, we can transport everywhere in the world.  We want to reach all possible places in which we can get customers. You can believe to do this business because of easily installation easily transported. To learn more details visit our website and learn all the details you want or easily contact us.