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Hollow Block Machine

Beyazli Group designing and producing comprehensive hollow block machines for customers to perform production efficiency and less downtime in producing hollow blocks. Beyazli Group is an experienced factory in hollow block machine production since 2004.

Hollow blocks are modern construction materials and are used in different constructions as residential, commercial and industrial building constructions. The construction industry is a growing sector. The demand for this product is always high in all cities and other urban centers due to construction of residential apartments, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. Growing public awareness about the advantages of the hollow blocks coupled with increased in the government and financial institutions' support for housing which is a basic human necessity would ensure healthy growth in the demand.


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According to the developments in science and technology, the updated production of urban and industrial materials and the progress made in concrete production every day, BESS hollow block making Machinery offers its hollow block machines to the markets based on domestic and international standards.
The hollow block machine is mechanical equipment used to produce hollow blocks. A hollow block is a new type of wall material that is environmentally friendly, economical and effective.


BESS Hollow Block Machine

This is an advanced vibration machine model. It is high-performance domestic casting equipment, developed on the basis of absorbing the many advantages of domestic and foreign hollow block machines. 

This hollow block machine is particularly suitable for the cost-effective mass production of hollow blocks, paving blocks, concrete blocks and other types of concrete blocks.


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Decision factors to choosing hollow block machine

The productivity and profitability of a hollow block-forming plant depend on the choice of the right machine. Here are some of the crucial factors.

1- Space requirements:

A track length of 110 m is required for an 8-hour production of hollow blocks. The machine is either fed by a mono-rail, a trilateral concrete loader or a forklift with silo.

2- Cycle times:

The cycle time varies between 25-35 S per cycle for hollow blocks, depending on the composition and structure of the starting material and about 35-45 S per cycle when a pre-stressed concrete mix (the second layer of fine concrete) is added.

3- Delivery rate:

Below is a list of expected daily production for different blocks making machine per 8-hour shift. The starting point is a constant supply of material and no downtime.



Before and after-sales services

 Quickly Response To Customers' Needs

We are driven to help customers with the whole projects from the preforms to equipment, workshop building, and services; thus, the quicker response for any needs could help much. That's why Beyazli Group people insist in quick response for any questions and troubleshooting, which could condense cycle of design and tooling during the projects developing and increase the production efficiency in long-term running.

Engineering Service For Quicker Preform Plant Running

Beyazli Group engineers would help customers quick start the preform molding lines by checking and push the workshop building, installing the whole lines, and make them work smoothly. By this way, the new lines could work quickly under the guider of expert engineers. 

Engineers Train For Stable Preform Plant Running

Except for the engineering service for running the PET preform lines, it is more helpful that Beyazli Group provides the training for customers' workers, who would operate the machines and molds. It's a scheduled training plan including the basic operation and maintenance, and by that, the new PET preform molding lines could work more stably.

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Bess manufactures concrete block machines, paving block machines and molds.

Bess is an organization of the Beyazli Group  of Companies. Bess has started its international business in 2007 and developed in a short time because of the high quality machines it produces, reasonable price compared to the quality and efficient aftersales system.



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