Hollow block:

There are different hollow block machines with different brands, different automation levels, and different capacities. But before speaking about hollow block machines, we need to explain what hollow block is and where it is used.



A hollow block is a construction material used to build walls. You may ask why it is so popular, here is why:

1. Hollow blocks are lighter than other materials used to build walls so the total weight of the building will be considerably lower when you use hollow blocks instead of other materials.

2. Hollow blocks have bigger dimensions compared to other materials used for building walls. This results in much faster speed in building walls. The normal size of a hollow block in 20 cm in height and 40 cm in length. The width of the hollow blocks is different depending on the country and the part of the house you are building your wall. The width can be between 10 cm up to 35cm.

3. Due to the uniform shape of the wall that is built with hollow blocks, the amount of plaster used to cover the surface of the wall will be considerably lower.

4. There is also an option of using different shapes of hollow blocks or different types of hollow blocks to have better sound isolation and temperature isolation.


Hollow block machine

A hollow block machine is used to mass-produce hollow blocks with a high compression force.

Hollow block machines can produce hollow blocks, single-layer paving blocks, curbstones, roof gutters, styrofoam concrete blocks also known as polystyrene concrete blocks, and around 500 different shapes.
Note: there is also another type of machine which is a double-hopper machine it is called a paver block machine or a paving block machine. Since it has lots of details, we have prepared separate articles for it.

Hollow block machines are produced in 3 different automation levels:

1. Semi-automatic hollow block machine

2. Automatic hollow block machine

3. Fully automatic hollow block machine


Semi-automatic hollow block machine

Semi-automatic hollow block machines are suitable for countries with low labor costs. These type of machines require more workers in the plant because transferring the pallets are done by workers and with pallet carrier handcarts. The plants are available in low capacity (4000 pieces of standard blocks in an 8-hour shift) up to medium capacity blocks (8000 pieces of standard hollow blocks in an 8-hour shift).
This type of machine is the cheapest machine compared to other options and it only needs two more workers in the production line. This is a perfect option for countries with low labor costs and for customers who are entering the business of producing hollow blocks with a limited budget.

Consider that the mixing is done semi-automatically in these machines so you need to be careful with your mixing ratio to keep the high quality of your products and keep your customers happy all the time.

There are almost 500 different molds available for semi-automatic hollow block machines. Below you can see our size 4 semi-automatic hollow block machine. You can also visit our youtube channel for more videos.

Automatic hollow block machine

Automatic hollow block machines are usually preferred in advanced countries where labor cost is high and high capacity machines are required with a fewer number of workers.
These machines have a wide range of capacity starting from 4.000 pieces of standard hollow blocks in an 8-hour shift up to 15.000 pieces of standard hollow blocks in an 8-hour shift.
The automation system used on these machines is Siemens S7-300 or Siemens s7-1200 depending on your machine.


Fully automatic hollow block machine

If you need different robots to take care of your machine instead of manpower, this option is for you. The fully automatic hollow block machine is the most expensive machine compared to other options but you don't need any workers in your plant. Everything is done automatically, this means your mixing ratio will always be the same and as a result, the quality of your products will always be the same.

Bess only uses German brand equipment for automation, this improves the reliability of our machines and also prevents faults that will cause stop in your production line. There are almost 600 different molds available for fully automatic hollow block machines.
If you are interested in reading more about this subject you can read our article fully automatic brick making machine description and price.


How should I prepare my site for a hollow block machine

There are some preparations you need to do to be able to use your hollow block machine. Below is a list including your site preparation:




1. Electric power:

Your site should be supplied with 3 phase power by the electric network or generated by a generator. The total power consumption of your hollow block machine depends on the size of your machine, the automation level of the machine, and other equipment you are using on your site.


2. Water:

Water is needed to prepare your concrete. If you have a water network with an acceptable flow it can be used otherwise you need a tank with a pump.


3. Land preparation:

one-third of your site needs to be prepared with a concrete base. You may also prefer to cover your machine and use roofing. This is a good choice to protect your machine from different weather conditions. Our machines are capable of working in different weather conditions and different temperatures without roofing. Roofing generally increases the life expectancy of the machines.



4. Pallet:

Pallets are an important part of your hollow block machine because the products are produced over the surface of the pallets. You normally need around 1000 pallets if you are using the machine daily in 8-hour shifts. Our hollow block machines are designed in a way that you can use wooden pallets, plastic pallets, and also metal pallets with our machines.


5. Defining the capacity of your hollow block machine:

This is very important because there are different capacities of the machine available and you need to consider your future production capacity as well. Also, you need to save a part of your budget for land preparation, buying raw materials, and running your plant for a few months until your profit starts if you are selling the products in installments.


machine name capacity total power pallet size
 PRS-800 AUTOMATIC 8.000 HOLLOW BLOCKS (20CM X 40CM X 20CM) 43 KW 95CM X 110CM
 PRS-1000 AUTOMATIC 10.000 HOLLOW BLOCKS (20CM X 40CM X 20CM) 43 KW 95CM X 120CM


Hollow block machine further details: Hollow Block Making Machine Price Details

The advantages of Bess hollow block machines

We have been producing hollow block machines paver block machines, and concrete batching plants since 2005 and we now have more than 350 working plants in 32 different countries. Our machines are designed based on European standards and the parts we use on the machines are all German brands.

Each year we use our experience to redesign and enhance the speed and efficiency, finding and solving the weak points of our machines based on customer feedback and making our machines more sturdy. The advantages of our machines are listed below:

1. Fast production with a cycle time of 25 to 35 seconds for each press.

2. Easy maintenance.

3. Special design for easier and faster mold change.

4. High reliability of the machine due to the high quality of the machine.

5. Designed to work in very hot and very cold weather conditions.

6. Sturdy design that won't break down so easily.

7. High quality in all automation levels.

8. Competitive and reasonable prices.

9. Special design for a machine called compact machine which is a combination of a hollow block machine and a concrete batching plant.




If you are interested in entering the business of producing hollow blocks, Bess offers a different range of hollow block machines with high quality and competitive and reasonable prices.

Bess also offers a suitable concrete block manufacturing business plan based on your country, your capacity, and the automation level you choose. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

Bess also recommends you not to choose the cheapest or the most expensive hollow block machine but to choose the highest quality machine at the most reasonable price.

If you need more information you can contact our English department for more information and special offers and campaigns.