Hollow Block Making Machine

 A hollow block making machine is a machine that uses pressure and vibration on the molds to shape the hollow blocks. The reason why we call it a hollow block machine is because the customers usually use it to produce hollow blocks.



These machines can make a variety of bricks and blocks, like hollow blocks, solid bricks, paving blocks, curbstones, and even special styrofoam concrete blocks. To create different shapes, you need a separate mold for each. When starting your business, you can begin with the most commonly used molds and later expand your options. Our machines' well-engineered design makes mold changing relatively quick, taking about 20 minutes.


There is also another type of machine with double hoppers. It is called the paver block making machine.

 what is paver block machine



Hollow Block Making Machine Capacity

 Various hollow block machines come in different sizes with varying capacities. Generally, to determine a concrete block machine capacity, you should consider two key factors:

  1. The quantity of standard 20cm x 40cm x 20cm hollow blocks the machine can create in one go.
  2. The duration of a complete cycle.

For instance, if a machine can manufacture 4 hollow blocks during a single cycle, it is referred to as a size 4 machine. The time required for a full cycle ranges from 25 seconds to 1 minute, influenced by the machine's quality.


Machine Name Capacity In One Press Cycle Time Capacity For An 8-hour Shift
PRS400 4 Standard Hollow blocks 25 to 35 seconds 4.000 Standard Hollow blocks
PRS600 6 Standard Hollow blocks 25 to 35 seconds 6.000 Standard Hollow blocks
PRS800 8 Standard Hollow blocks 25 to 35 seconds 8.000 Standard Hollow blocks
PRS1000 10 Standard Hollow blocks 25 to 35 seconds 10.000 Standard Hollow blocks



Hollow Block Making Machine Price List

 The hollow block making machine price depends on many factors. We have listed the most important factors below:

  1. the capacity of the machine.
  2. The automation level of the machine.
  3. The number of molds you choose to come with the machine.
  4. The brand of the equipment installed on the machine.
  5.  the supplementary equipment that you choose to come with the machine



Bess has machines with a capacity between 4,000 to 12,000 pieces of hollow blocks per shift, Bess also produces its machines with three different automation levels. They are called semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic. They are explained in the following sections separately.

Bess company uses only German brand electrical and hydraulic equipment on the hollow block making machines that it produces.

Here is the price list for some of the hollow blocks machines that we have.

 Machine Name Automation Level Installation Price
 PRS 400 Semi-Automatic Included 66800 USD
 PRS 400 Automatic Included 85200 USD
 PRS 600 Semi-Automatic Included 72400 USD


If you wonder why they are more expensive than Chinese machines you can read the article below to understand the differences between the machines.

Comparison Between PRS400 Block Making Machine And Chinese Block Making Machines



How To Choose A High-Quality Hollow Block Making Machine

When selecting a premium-quality hollow block making machine, your initial focus should be on the technical aspects. It's essential to ensure that the vibration system and hydraulic system are robust enough to operate reliably over an extended period without encountering problems.

Additionally, it's crucial to scrutinize the brands of electrical and hydraulic equipment used in the machine. Some companies may present their machines as high-quality based on appearance alone, but a thorough examination of the technical specifications often reveals the truth. If you require more pricing information, you can refer to the Hollow Block Machine Prices for further details.



Subsequently, it's imperative to assess the quality and thickness of the metal used. Given that hollow blocks machines, and concrete block machines in general, are heavy-duty equipment constantly exposed to corrosive materials such as cement, durability is paramount.

Once you've evaluated the metal quality, turn your attention to the concrete mixer within the machine. It's advisable to confirm that the mixer is equipped with replaceable metal sheets throughout its structure, ensuring ease of maintenance and longevity in the future.


hollow block machine mixer


The last critical step is to examine the molds used in the machine. These concrete molds must be constructed from sturdy materials like St52 metal sheets and precision-cut using laser or CNC machines to ensure accuracy. In the case of Bess concrete molds, they undergo a dual hardening process, enhancing their longevity and maximizing their lifespan. If you also hear people calling these machines brick making machine dont be confused.

hollow block mold



Semi-automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

 As Explained before, there are two automatic versions of the hollow block making machine.

The difference between semi-automatic and automatic hollow blocks maker machines is in their pallet carrying systems.


prs600 semi-automatic hollow block machine


In the semi-automatic hollow block molder machine, handcarts are used to deliver the pallets to the curing area. After the blocks are pressed on the surface of the pallets, the pallets are delivered to the output of the machine and delivered to the curing area by handcarts.

Here is the video of the semi-automatic hollow block making machine installed in Harare, Zimbabwe. For more videos, you can visit the Bess Youtube Channel.


The semi-automatic hollow block making machine offers the benefit of being cost-effective and easier to use, but it comes with the drawback of necessitating two additional workers in your facility. For African region where labor cost is very cheap this disadvantage is not important.

Semi-automatic hollow block machines are well-suited for nations where labor expenses and land are affordable. Such countries include Ghana, Gabon, Somalia, Djibouti, Togo, Mali, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, and Ivory Coast.

Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

 In the automatic hollow block making machines, the pallets are first stacked on top of each other and when they reach five pallets, the forklift transfers them to the curing area.


automatic hollow block machine full plant


The automatic hollow block machine offers the benefit of needing a smaller curing area and reducing the required workforce. However, it comes with the drawback of having more expensive loading and unloading robots compared to semi-automatic machines.

Automatic hollow block machines are ideal for industrialized nations where plant owners prioritize reduced labor and a compact land footprint while aiming for high production capacity. These countries include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Egypt, France, Hungary, and various other European and Arabic nations.



 If you need more details or you can't decide about the type of machine you need or the automation level, you can contact our English department. Our experienced sales team will help you choose the best machine based on your land, capacity, and budget.


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