Bess is a Turkish company offering concrete block making machines for sale in Africa. We offer premium-quality concrete block machines at reasonable prices. We have machines in Ghana, Gabon, Djibouti, Somalia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Malawi, Morroco, And Algeria.

Before starting to talk about the machines it is better to discuss the machines' details and technical features.

These machines are called concrete block making machines in Africa and they work with molds. By changing the mold you can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, lawn stones, rain gutters, floor blocks, styrofoam blocks, and also other specially designed blocks for special purposes.

To produce these blocks in spite of the mold you also need a hydraulic system to provide the pressure and you also need a vibration system to make sure there won't be any cavities in your mortar. The machine size and capacity should be compatible with the hydraulic system and vibration table.




Bess offers its concrete block making machines for sale in Africa in different systems:

1. You can buy a full plant with all the equipment included. This includes the cement silo, bigger hoppers, and pallets for the production line. The number of molds depends on your market demand. Some customers order up to 20 different molds sometimes and some customers only buy one mold for starting and order in the future.

2. you can order your machine as a mini plant. This includes the main machine with the necessary equipment. This option is suggested for starters and projects with a limited budget. In the future, they can add the parts as well. Pallets should be produced locally in this method.




3. If you have experience in this business or you have a concrete batching system or the batching system of another machine, we offer you only the main concrete block making machine. We will also help you with the technical details and drawings to make your batching system suitable for our machine. You might need to modify the mixer output doors or add a conveyor to your system to make sure concrete is provided to the machine in your system.

Concrete Block Making Machine In Africa

We have installed different machines in Africa. We are mentioning a few of them as references. Most of the customers in African regions prefer semi-automatic concrete block making machines. This is due to the cheap labor cost, cheap land, and also because semi-automatic machines are cheaper. If you are looking for a concrete block making machine for sale in Africa and can't find your country on the list, don't worry. Contact our sales representatives to make sure if we have a machine in your country.

You can also get a free quotation based on the capacity you need.

Concrete Block Making Machine In Ghana

In Ghana we have a PRS400 semi-automatic hollow block machine installed and one machine PRS802 will be installed in a few months. PRS400 machine is our smallest machine producing 4000 pieces of standard hollow blocks in one shift.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Gabon

 In Gabon, we have a PRS402 paving block machine installed. This machine is a double hopper machine suitable for producing double-layer paver blocks as well as the normal blocks.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Malawi

 In Malawi, we have a PRS602 semi-automatic paving block machine. This machine is also a double hopper machine. If you need double-layer pavers you need to choose this type of machine. But if you are planning to produce normal blocks you can choose a single hopper machine. You can also buy a semi-automatic machine and change it to automatic in the future.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Algeria

we Have 2 machines in Algeria. PRS402 paving block machine and PRS800 concrete block making machine. If you need to visit these plants or any other mentioned plants you can contact us.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Morroco

We have a PRS400 automatic hollow block machine in Morroco. People in these countries prefer smaller semi-automatic machines because they are cheaper and simpler. Simpler machines don't mean low quality. It means machines have fewer moving parts and as result, they don't break down so easily. All the parts used on the machine are German brands.

Detailed information for this type of machine is provided in ''concrete block machine description and price''


Concrete Block Making Machine In Djibouti

 In Djibouti we have a PRS800 automatic hollow block making machine. They chose automatic because it needs fewer workers. They are a big company so they preferred a higher capacity machine as well.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Somalia

 The Somalian customer bought one PRS400 machine first and he was so satisfied with our quality. He came back and bought 3 other machines with the same capacity. In African regions, customers prefer to have smaller machines in different cities instead of one big machine in one city.

Further details about this machine and also its price are provided in Brick Making Machine Price And Details.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Senegal

 In Senegal, we have 2 different machines. PRS600 semi-automatic and PRS1000 Automatic. These machines are bought by two different companies.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Ivory Coast

 In Ivory Coast, we have two different machines. One PRS600 automatic and one PRS400 semi-autoamtic machine. They recently purchased new molds for their plant as well. If you purchase the molds with the machine at the same time, they will be shipped in the same container. But if you buy the molds separately in the future, there will be freight costs added to the mold price as well.

Further details and price: Hollow Block Machine Price



Concrete Block Making Machine In Burkina Faso

 We have one machine PRS400 in Burkina Faso right now and a lot of offers and serious customers as well. Probably we will sign contracts with the customers soon. There is good potential in this region for construction.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Guinea

 We have installed a PRS400 semi-automatic block making machine a few years ago and it's working like a clock. They bought molds a few months ago and produced pallets locally.



Concrete Block Making Machine In Mali

 In Mali we have 2 different machines installed. PRS400 automatic block making machine and PRS600 semi-automatic hollow block machine. If you are from mail and planning to start this business you can contact us. We can arrange a visit to the plant and make sure you make the right decision. As you noticed PRS400 machine is a popular option as a concrete block making machine for sale in Africa.




Africa continent is developing rapidly and a lot of construction projects have started recently. Hollow blocks and solid blocks are needed for the buildings and pavers and curbstones are needed for the roads. Since there is a lot of demand for blocks, selling them is easy and it has a good profit.

Some African countries speak French. We also have french sales representatives in our company. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this business. We do our projects as turnkey projects as well.