Block Making Machine price list

The block-making machine price list is affected by different factors. The most important factors are mentioned below:


1. Block making machine capacity:

The most important factor in the block-making machine price is the capacity of the machine. capacity means the number of standard 20cm x 40cm x 20cm blocks produces in each cycle of the machine. The smallest Bess block-making machine produces 4 blocks in each cycle. The capacities are then 6, 8, and 10 pieces per cycle.




Bess block-making machines can also produce different types of hollow blocks, different types of solid blocks, paving blocks in different shapes, curbstones with different dimensions. and also concrete styrofoam blocks. In fact, they can produce any shape with a height between 5cm to 30cm.

Each cycle takes between 25seconds up to 35 seconds depending on the mold shape. The machine can complete 1000 cycles in an 8-hour shift. so you will need 1000 pallets per shift and you will have 4000 pieces of standard blocks per shift.

For further capacity details, you can contact our English department.


2. Block making machine country of origin:

The block-making machine price list is affected by the country that produces the machine. you may ask what is the relation. The relation is that the labor cost and the raw material prices are different from country to country. Bess company is located in Trabzon city in Turkey.




Labor cost is not as high as Europe in Turkey and as a result, the price of the Bess block making machines are considerably lower compared to the European block making machines. All the electrical and hydraulic parts used on the machine are German brands.

Bess block-making machines have 2 years of guarantee against any problems caused to the machine. You can visit us as well to make sure about the quality of the machine and also see the different references installed in our city.


3. Block making machine automation level:

Bess offers 2 different automation levels for the block-making machines.

Semi-automatic concrete block machine is the first suggestions, The semi-automatic block making machines are suitable for countries with low labor cost and cheap lands.




Totally you need 7 workers for this type of machine and a minimum of 2000 m² of land for this type of machine. we have this type of machine installed in Somalia, Djibouti, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Hungary, Georgia, and many other different countries.

Automatic concrete block machine: Automatic block-making machines are suitable for countries with higher labor costs and more expensive lands. If you are living in a developing country where labor cost is expensive this might be the right option for you.




Totally you need 5 workers and 1000 m² of land for this type of machine. We have installed this type of machine in many Arabic countries.

Each automation level is available in different capacities. you can contact us anytime to get the block-making machine price list.

4. Number of molds ordered with the machine:

The number of molds you choose with the machine will affect the block-making machine price list. Bess also produces high-quality concrete block molds for any type of machine. If you need molds for your machine you can also contact us to get prices for the molds.




Bess uses ST52 as the standard metal or Hardox metal as an optional choice. We cut the metal sheets with CNC machines to have the maximum accuracy and also the process of hardening is done twice to have longer-lasting molds.

5. Number of pallets needed for your block manufacturing plant:

The number of pallets you need for your plant depends on how many hours a day you are using the machine. for eight hours a day, you need 1000 pallets. if you use the machine for two shifts a day you need 2000 pallets.

The pallet price depends on the capacity and automation level of the machine. The semi-automatic machines have normal pallets where the automatic ones have pallets with metal legs.

The higher capacity machines have bigger pallet dimensions and as result, they are more expensive.

you can see the block making machine price list below: 


 Machine Name Capacity For Hollow Blocks Capacity For Paving Blocks  Price
PRS400 Semi-Automatic 4000 Pieces  300 Square Meters  45.200 USD 
PRS600 Semi-automatic  6000 Pieces  400 Square meters  58.200 USD
PRS800 Semi-Automatic  8000 Pieces  550 Square Meters  70.000 USD

 If you are looking for other options you can also check brick making machine price and details. We have included more details about the automation level of the machines as well.

If you need an automatic version for the same machine you can check Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine Price.



If you are planning to start your block production line and you don't know which machine is the best for you, it will be best to contact a professional person with enough experience to guide you through the steps of choosing the right machine.

Bess's sales department is here to help you with your questions.