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. Brick block or hollow block which produce our new brick making machine  are strong, fire resistant, and bug proof building materials. Despite the similarities of brick block or hollow block have some major differences. initial needs statement was developed from client’s needs.

After getting thoroughly familiar with what the machine is intended to achieve and what specific requirement or limitations must be considered. Therefore, this was aimed to complete a conceptional design of an innovative undemanding stationary Semi-Automatic or Automatic brick making machine at a fraction of a cost in comparison with power operated options. Semi-Automatic brick making machine   Automatic brick machine  and fully Automatic machine was optimized according to the results of simulations, calculations and fundamental engineering design principle.

some people operating brick making machine

some staf operating brick making machine


bearing or non-loading bearing, hollow or solid and lightweight or dense. first the cement is usually Portland-cement is prepared. the other ingredients-aggregates such as sand and gravel, admixtures any necessary fibers and water are mixed together with the cement form concrete. Then concrete is compacted, and brick block formed and cured. There is so many companies which produce brick making machine like in turkey also there is so many companies which design brick making machine, but the difference is the capacity and production quality. Our company names Beyazlı group company and we have websites which called Bess machine  which you ca get full details about brick making machine and also website names Vess machine. Most our demand countries are Asia Africa and part of Europe. 

during brick making machine installation
Our Beyazlı group company produce many types of brick making machine and different molds. The block or stone that you can produce when take a machine from our company are brick block , Concrete blocks, paving blocks, a Smolen blocks chimney blocks and curbstone blocks. 
 brick mold  brick drying time
All this blocks or stones can produce brick making machine and all of them machine make different size and shape changing the mold. Machine is very fast and has high production capacity through special servo motors.
There is brick making machine features the recommended installation. There is no obligation for roofing. Maximum income with less personnel. Automation system for every budget. machine can produce very blocks or stones which height between 2cm and 25cm. special equipment’s and spare parts which they do not need maintenance. Standard quality of brick making machineat every production with weighing mortar system. ability to create closed area for its self. spend low energy minimum consumption and quality production reasonable price. Need less place for construction area. less a mechanical fatigue with breaking system on hydraulic. Automation program that can able to use easily on every language. low infrastructure and brick making machine montage expense. Electrical panels that can work in different energy conductions.
 You do not need to buy more brick making machine anymore if you planning to produce brick blocks or brick stone. So, this is what we prepare if you become our customer. Secure trading with fixed price guarantee. Business terms of brick making machine for every budget.

Easy communication with customer representative with preferred language. international contract with preferred language. according to established infrastructure and experience staff 24hours online support. Leasing and possibility to trade with a letter of credit. Warranty period can be extended up to 5 years. We guarantee that intervene time globally is maximum 72-120hours.ability to keep track of live shipment products on websites. Free operator training and certification. Able to buy with term with private bank agreements. On time production and o time delivery montage. Stock and findable spare parts.
Now, the brick making machine that you can get our company can produce 10.000 Pieces of brick blocks or hollow blocks, 15.000 Pieces of brick blocks (hollow blocks) 20.000 Pieces of brick blocks (hollow blocks) and 24.000 Pieces of brick blocks (hollow blocks). Brick making machine are manual brick making machine, Semi-Automatic brick making machine, Automatic brick making machine and Fully Automatic brick making machine. All brick making machine has different code which show different capacity for example 15.1fully Automatic finger car brick blocs making machine has this feature.
Mortar hoppers and capacity is single hopper/2cm3 
Control system is fully Automatic
Production capacity is 100-120pallets/hour
Weigh is 20.500kg
Machine dimension is 245cm/730cm/250cm
Vibration force 46.000kg
Lower vibrator mortar power is 5.5 kwx4 Pieces
Upper vibrator motor power is 2.2kwx2 pieces
33 pallets are 33.000 of brick block (hollow blocks


This brick making machine, except the fixed rails and product drying curing rooms there is no extra equipment needed on plant area. Optionally automatic product drying system to the drying rooms can be provided through our company. For a plant with these features the recommended installation curing and stock area is minimum 5.000cm2. the prepared concrete floor should be minimum one out of 3. Therefore, the process we make, preventing defects and improving yields. An effort to increase demand our brick making machine continues to explore alternative capacities to improve production quality and customers. 

When we are designing the brick making machine  we consider satisfaction of clients and reliable offers. All possible things we can customize and according to you needs. Our brick making machine has special design materials storing and distributing system which can ensure the accurate supply and system of raw materials. Brick making machine design for high quality brick block (hollow blocks) production.

brick block during driying process
 brick making machine complete design


 All of brick making machine companies is not same, some companies use different brand and this brand depend on the most important parts of the machine. that why you need to choose these companies used trust brand, because some brick making machine can be use long time without disrupted machine. we take care our customers and we ready every time all condition must be possible to face so if your interesting our brick making machine welcome to professional place you will see further details that might be fulfil your demand.

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