Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine

We feel proud as the leading manufacturer of Hollow Block Making Machine in Turkey. Our hollow block machines are used for making different types of concrete hollow blocks, concrete paving block, concrete solid block and other concrete blocks. our offered hollow block making machine is manufactured using the top quality material and latest technology. In order to meet all quality terms, our block machine is verified on standard quality parameters. Customers from different countries are visiting our factory and buying our hollow block machine at reasonable rates.

Our wide range of Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine is known for their optimum performance and easy operability. These are manufactured using the highest grade of material and are in conformation with the international quality standards. It is having high-quality molds to which vibrators are fixed. Products are produced directly on the plates. The concrete block making machine has a hydraulic station, a control cabinet, and a console for the complete visualization of the production process. The machine is designed with proven solutions, such as: hydraulic drive of the feeding box, control panel, high quality molds.

Its insulating capabilities and passive solar heat retention offer brick equally suitable for hot summers and cold winters. Nature creates the basic material used in brick produced, using sand, gravel, cement brick .all that reserves to the concrete hollow block making machine

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Hydraulic press machine
Hydraulic press machine with mixer, conveyors, bunker, silo, production pallets etc. and automation system like manually, semi automatic or fully automatic.

The process of making Concrete Hollow Blocks

concrete hollow block making machine not only is the mortar costs for building decreased, but the use of unskilled labour is also maximised because the methods of building are simple and easily taught. In fact, only the plastering, painting, ceilings and foundation preparation need to be performed by a skilled person.The process of making hollow blocks generally consists of the following steps:Collecting, crushing, grinding, screening, and mixing the raw materials producing the concrete hollow blocks and solid blocks The setting ,pressing and drying Packaging and discorvering is the final The process of making blocks. Bess-vess concrete hollow block making machine is produced with hollow centers to reduce weight or improve insulation. The use of block work allows structures to be construct in the traditional masonry style

concrete hollow block making machine concrete block machine block machine2  concrete hollow block making machine concrete block machine block machine3 

Cement hollow blocks
Dimensional accuracy and consistent finish make these blocks an ideal construction material for constructions. Bess-vess cement hollow blocks are supplied to clients after being tested on different settings. These concrete hollow block making machine are a better substitute to work faster to build a structure long life value especially for the African Market.

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