Changes to the Province of Ontario’s building code could include requirements for solar-ready roofs, more stringent heating/cooling efficiency requirements, and greywater reuse.

The Ontario skyline at night


Ontario’s code is scheduled to be replaced as of Jan. 1, 2019. New requirements will support the government’s Climate Change Action Plan unveiled in June 2016. The plan aims to reduce GHG emissions and implement energy-efficient measures in new homes and large buildings.

To be considered solar-ready, large building roofs will have to be able to support a larger dead load allowing for the weight of future installation of a PV or solar hot water system. In addition, conduits will have to be installed on all new houses and buildings. Another proposal is for all apartment buildings and condominiums to have a heat or energy recovery unit as part of their ventilation system.
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is seeking comments to be posted on their site during the 77-day comment period that closes September 29, 2017.