Hollow Bricks Machine Price

This article gives you clear details about hollow bricks machine price, how you can buy hollow bricks machine and features of the machines at low prices. Some of our customers are new entrepreneurs, some of them have been doing this business for a long time and they know all the information very well about brick machine prices, and they demand only when they need a machine or spare parts.




Those who have experience before don’t require more information about the brick machine,  we just make a contract to give information about hollow bricks machine price and they buy the mentioned hollow bricks machine if they are convinced. According to our clients, the most difficult part is when customers want to buy a machine and don’t have any information about the brick machine price and quotation. Check our website for full details and other brick machines.





Especially at this time in the construction industry, it is necessary to use a hollow bricks machine. Because of just these machines, it is possible to produce high-quality concrete blocks. When the mold is changed, the hollow block machine can produce almost all kinds of stone products such as concrete paving blocks, curbstones, and others.

When you intend to buy a hollow block machine, it is very important to choose the best quality machine at a reasonable price. For this reason, our hollow block machine is produced by high-quality standards and the hollow bricks making machine price is reasonable.  




The main purpose of this machine is the manufacture of shaped elements for exterior decoration of buildings and landscaping. Products are made from dry concrete mixed and pressed. We offer units of automatic hollow block machine and semi-automatic hollow bricks machine, with different sizes of the forming zone. Especially for new customers who start this business, we always recommend buying a small size machine. These machines are the best choice for new customers or who want to change their old hollow bricks machine with a new one.




 The table below shows some of our hollow brick machine prices:

Hollow Bricks Machine Price

Machine Name Capacity Installation Price
PRS400 Semi-Automatic machine 4,000 Pieces Free 47,600 USD
PRS600 Semi-Automatic machine 6,000 Pieces Free 64,200 USD
PRS800 Semi-Automatic machine 8,000 Pieces Free 78,500 USD


Hollow Brick Machine

We first start with those who want to launch a new business and want to be entrepreneurs. We talk about customers that want to produce high-quality hollow concrete blocks. We design our machines as semi-automatic machines, automatic machines, and fully automaticmachines.

All these hollow machines have different features, different capacities, and prices, with different hollow bricks machine prices than other factories. 

If you have a plan to produce any kind of concrete products, it's necessary to buy a good hollow bricks machine based on the quality and based on the machine price. We have an option for the customers, they are able to remove or add any type of equipment for the semi-automatic or automatic block making machines.




Hollow Brick Machine Automations

In our company which is located in Turkey, you can find the most suitable semi-automatic or automatic hollow bricks machine for your project. Also one of the most important subjects for choosing the High-quality brick making machine is the price.

In our company, you can find the best hollow bricks machine price. We have different automation options for the machines. According to your needs and demand, you can find and select a different type of automation with the proper hollow bricks machine price change. 




We have totally three different types of automation.

* Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine

These hollow brick machines are a good choice for new customers or who want to change their old machines. With these machines, you can able to produce almost all kinds of stone products whose height must be between 5 to 25 cm. Required just a few personnel to operate the whole machine. The background system is operating manually. Workers can take the ready concrete hollow blocks by hand carts. You can contact for hollow bricks machine price.

* Automatic Block Making Machines:

These types of machines are a good choice for experienced customers or who want to change their old semi-automatic machines. Because of this reason, for some customers, the production speed of semi-automatic machines is not enough. The background system is operated by robots and automatically. Ready concrete products can be taken by forklift. You can contact us to find out more about the hollow bricks machine price.

* Fully Automatic Block Making Machines

These types of machines are a good choice for customers who want to operate the machine system fully operated by robots. In these systems, there is no need for workers. The whole system is operated by robots and these types of machines are the best choice for those who want to produce big quantities for any kind of concrete block. These hollow brick machines are also suitable for countries where the labor cost is too much and customers prefer to operate the machines with robots instead of workers. contact us for the hollow bricks machine price.



 Production Process Of Hollow Brick Machine

We have a different kind of concrete block machine that we can offer according to the needs of customers. In order to produce different kinds of stone products, it is just needed to change the mold of the brick machine, and after this process, the brick machine can produce any type of hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, chimney blocks, and curbstone blocks.

First, we start a recommendation for those planning to launch a new business and interested in brick machine features and price. The first machine is, laying a brick machine. This hollow bricks machine is also designed as Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and fully-Automatic. The brick machine can produce any type of hollow blocks, Straphored Brick, and Garden Borders but it cant produce paving blocks. Check the laying brick machine price and details here.





Cheap Price Hollow Brick Machine

according to the hollow bricks machine price, this hollow bricks machine is suitable for customers planning to produce cost-effective concrete blocks. The hollow block machine produces 2250 pieces of blocks, 2500 pieces of blocks, and 3750 pieces of blocks depending on the automation level. More details about this brick machine are; the machine is simple and it is easy to install everywhere that you want. You can move it and can carry it any time you want. In a short time, you can produce your blocks. It doesn't need pallets. 

The second machine is called Vess eco 4.1 Semi-Automatic brick machine. This brick machine is our latest model machine. We design our machinery in an interesting superior-high-quality hollow block machine.





The Capacity Of Hollow Brick Machine

The most important characteristic of this hollow bricks machine is that it consumes low energy. This semi-automatic machine can produce approximately  5000 pieces of blocks daily (8 hours), paving blocks, chimney blocks, and curbstone. The hollow bricks machine has a description. We explain the equipment of the brick machine.




Machine single hopper quadruple, machine hydraulic unit, machine electric unit, machine operator platform with seat, machine output conveyor, handcart carrying pallets double row, mixer platform, and that one press can produce 25 pieces of 20cm of blocks. according to our hollow bricks machine price list, this machine is the most economic one. 


 Good Quality Hollow Brick Making Machine

 Block mold according to your preference can be changed this may also change the total price in the hollow bricks machine price list. to learn more about the hollow block machine, contact Hessam Mousviwho is the writer of this article about the brick machine, or call this number +905493256670. We will always be attentive, and responsive, and pay close attention to our customers.

We will honestly and proudly lead our customers into the future of the brick manufacturing industry. We will serve our customers with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in ways that will lead them to satisfaction with our products and services.



More Details About Hollow Bricks Machine:

* Daily capacity of the brick making machine for concrete hollow blocks is in a day at eight hours starting from 4.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks ( 20 cm dimension ) up to 10000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks. For paving blocks the daily capacity is starting from 300 square meters up to 700 square meters for semi-automatic and automatic kinds of machines.
In our company, we offer different machines with different capacities. You can check out some specifications and benefits of different types of machines:

 * All kinds of hollow brick machines ( semi-automatic, automatic, or fully automatic ) are capable to produce almost all kinds of concrete products like concrete blocks, concrete paving blocks, curbstones, and others.

 * Possible to produce other concrete products, and just changing the mold of the hollow bricks machine is enough for the production of other concrete stone products.

 * We have actually 2 years warranty for all our hollow bricks machines but it can be extended to 5 years.

 * We have a technical team for the installation of the machine and for training your operator, all these services are generally free.

* The machines can be preferred as single or double hoppers. ( Machines with double hoppers can produce double-layer paving blocks. )

* The machines can be operated by just one operator who stands at the operator's platform.

* When you need any kind of spare parts for the machine, we can provide them at the nearest time



Automatic Brick Making Machine Details

Also, Other machines are available like paver block machines. These machines produce 5000 pieces of hollow block and 300 m2 paving blocks up to 24000 pieces of hollow block 700m2 paving blocks.
Automatic brick machines' technical specification is standard, production capacity is 100-120 pallets/hour, hydraulic motor power, hydraulic oil tank capacity, total power usage, machine dimensions, mortar hoppers and capacity, and weight. Visit our website for full details about automatic brick machines.


You can always contact us if you have a demand to buy any kind of concrete block machine, hollow bricks machine price is reasonable and you can able to choose any kind of machine with the equipment you need. We can give necessary technical details for the hollow bricks machine and we can offer the best machine with high quality and good prices.

For more details contact us at any time. The machines are always produced by high-quality standards and it is possible to use them without any technical problems or cracking issues. For the construction industry, it is necessary to use good quality concrete products, especially for structures and other kinds of buildings.