Hollow Block

To understand the working process of an automatic hollow block machine we first need to learn the product details of the machine. The hollow block machine produces different types of blocks with a height between 5cm up to 25cm. Below is the list of the machine products.

1. Hollow blocks

2. Solid blocks

3. Paving blocks

4. Curbstones

5. Lego blocks



Hollow blocks are concrete blocks with a hollow space between its walls. Based on the width of these blocks it can have one, two, three, or even four hollow spaces between its walls.

Hollow blocks are used in every building today because of the advantages they have over other materials. Hollow blocks are sturdy, they have good isolation against heat and sound and most importantly they are lighter than other options so they reduce the total weight of the building.

The most common size of the hollow block is the block with 40cm length 20cm width and 20cm height. If you need to learn more details about producing hollow blocks you can read the main article ''hollow blocks business plan''.

The capacity of the hollow block machines is also determined with this size of the block.



Hollow Block Machine

A hollow block machine is a machine that produces concrete blocks using vibration and pressure at the same time. Hollow block machines are produced in different brands, types, capacities, and automation levels.

Concrete Block Machines
Type  Single-Hopper Machine Double-Hopper Machine
Production Only Single-Layer Single-Layer And Double-Layer
Name  Hollow Block Machines Paver Block Machines


As you can see above hollow block machine is a single hopper machine and double hopper machines are called paver block machines. We have prepared a separate article for paver block machines and we have included all the technical details as well as the prices. You can read the original article ''paver block machine''.



Hollow block machines are produced in different types:

1. Mobile brick laying machine: Mobile bricklaying machines are the cheapest and simplest hollow block machines. They don't need pallets to produce the hollow blocks and they are sold in a full set including the mixer and other pieces of equipment.

Consider that mobile machines can only produce hollow blocks and solid blocks. You can also change the mold of the machine so you can produce different shapes of blocks. There are more than 100 molds available for this machine.


2. Semi-automatic hollow block machine: The semi-automatic machines are the simplest stationary hollow block machines. Consider that all the stationary machines produce their products on pallets. After the production process the pallets are collected and delivered to the curing area by hand carts.

More information: Hollow Block Making Machine



1. Cheaper than other machines 

2. Simpler than other machines

3. The production capacity of between 4000 up to 8000 pieces of hollow blocks per shift


1. Totally 7 people are needed for the plant so it is not suitable for countries with high labor costs.

2. The minimum land required is 2000m² so it is not suitable for countries with a high land price.


3. Automatic hollow block machine: To reduce the number of workers and the land needed for your project you can choose automatic hollow block machines. Loader and unloader robots are installed in automatic types to put pallets on top of each other and forklifts are used to transfer them to the curing area.

automatic hollow block machine front view


1. Different capacities with suitable prices.

Click for the hollow block machine price list

2. The production capacity of 4000 up to 12000 blocks per shift

3. Workers reduced to 5 with the automatic machines

4. Land needed for the plant is reduced to 1200m²

5. Robots and forklifts are used instead of handcarts.


There are no disadvantages for automatic hollow block machines


4. Fully automatic hollow block machine: If you want to reduce the number of workers to its minimum amount, you need fully automatic hollow block machines. Robots do most of the process in these plants.

fully automatic hollow block machine


1. Different capacities.

2. The production capacity of 10.000 up to 24.000 blocks per shift

3. Workers reduced to 2 with the fully automatic machines

4. Land needed for the plant is reduced to a minimum of 2200m² because of the high production capacity.

5. Robots and forklifts are used instead of handcarts.


1. The price compared to other options is high.


Automatic Hollow Block Machine

Below you can see the production process of the automatic hollow block machine. You can visit the Bess youtube channel for more videos.

How To Choose a Hollow Block Machine For My Plant?

You need a complete comparison between the machines to choose the right machine for your plant:

The mobile brick making machine is a totally different machine so you need to read the original article prepared for them: '' mobile brick laying machine''

But stationary machines are the same types of machines. The table below is the common feature of the stationary hollow block machines.

 Common Features of The Semi-Automatic, Automatic And Fully Automatic Hollow Block Machines
1. The production cycle is between 30-40 seconds 
2. You can use wooden metal or plastic pallets 
3. You need 1000 pallets for 8 hours of production 
4. The main machine is the same and only the equipment with the machine are different
5. There are more than 400 mold shapes available for the machine


Based on your project and your budget and your country you can choose the most suitable machine for your plant:

If you have a limited budget and you live in a country with low labor costs like South Africa, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, or Iran you can choose a semi-automatic hollow block machine to start with.

If you live a country with high land costs and high labor costs like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, or other Arabian or developed countries, you need to choose automatic or fully automatic hollow block machines considering your budget.



Bess offers different machines considering your project. Bess also offers free installation, free commissioning, and free training for the workers in your plant.

You will also need a concrete block production business plan for the types of raw materials you have and the type of products you are producing.

You can contact our English department for further information