dear customers this article can clearly give you details about how you can buy bricks machine prices and features of the machines with low prices. some of our customers are new entrepreneurs, some of them have been doing this business for a long time and everything they know very well all information about brick machine price, and they demand only when they need a machine or spare parts. those who have experience before they don’t require more information about the brick machine, but just we make a deal and contract and they buy the machine if they convenience.  according to our clients, the most difficult part is when customers want to buy a machine and don’t have any information about brick machine price and quotation. check our website full details and other brick machines.

brick machine simple example of full equipments to install


we start first, those who want to launch a new business and want to be entrepreneurs. we talk about customers demand brick machine, so as produce high-quality bricks block. we design our brick machine Semi-Automatic brick machine, Automatic brick machine and fully Automatic brick machine. all this brick machine has different features, different capacity and different price.

we start our brick machine lowest price and highest price. just change the mould of the brick machine, and the brick machine can produce any types of hollow blocks, bricks block, paving blocks, chimney blocks and curbstone blocks. first, we start recommendation about for those planning to launch a new business and interesting brick machine features and price. The first machine is, laying brick machine. this brick machine is also designed by Automatic, Semi-Automatic and fully-Automatic. The brick machine can produce any types of hollow blocks, Straphored Brick, and Garden Borders. check the laying brick machine price and details

manual  laying brick machine                                     semi-Automatic laying brick machine                               fully Automatic brick machine


This machine suitable any customers planning to produce brick blocks with cost-effectiveness. The brick machine produces 2250 Pieces of bricks blocks, 2500 Pieces of bricks blocks and 3750 Pieces of bricks blocks. More about this brick machine details are; the machine is simple and is easy to install everywhere you want. can move and can carry any time you want. in a short time you can produce your brick blocks. Second machine names are Vess eco 4.1 Semi-Automatic brick machine. this brick machine is our latest model machine., we design for our customers interesting superior high-quality brick machine.

 semi-automatic-brick machine hollowblock machine SHOWING HOW TO PRODUCE BLOCK
semi-Automatic brick machine during producing blocks
 semi-automatic brick machine simple example bunker  mixur transfer to the conveyor

the most important of this machine spend low energy with minimum consumption. this Semi-Automatic brick machine can produce approximately daily (8hours) 5000 Pieces of bricks blocks, paving blocks, chimney blocks and curbstone. The brick machine has a description. We explain the equipment of brick machine description of machine. machine single hopper quadruple, machine hydraulic unit, machine electric unit, machine operator platform with seat, machine output conveyor, hand car carrying pallets double row, mixer platform and at one press can produce 25 pieces of 20cm of blocks.

block mould according to your prefers can be changed. more about the brick machine, contact abdiweli mohamed who is the writer of this article about the brick machine or call this number +905493256670. will always be attentive, responsive, and pay close attention to our customers. We will honestly and proudly lead our customers into the future of brick machine. We will serve our customers with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in ways that will move them to glory about our products and services.

 brick machine hollow-block machine  brick-machine hollow block machine for sale
 Other machines available in our stock is Automatic brick machines, Automatic paving block machines and curbstone block machine. this Automatic brick machines produce 5000 Pieces of hollow block and 300m2 paving blocks up to 24000 Pieces of hollow block 700m2 Paving blocks. Automatic brick Machines technical specification is standard, Production Capacity is 100-120 Pallets / Hour, Hydraulic Motor Power, Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity, Total Power Usage, Machine Dimensions, Mortar Hoppers and Capacity and Weight.visi our websites for full details about  Automatic brick machines
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