These days in many modern and industrial countries, almost every year the market for industrial goods is developing, and block making machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment for producing concrete products. It is possible to explain what a concrete block making machine is, it is a complex mechanism that makes concrete products by using press power.



With such unique machines, it is possible to produce concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and other different materials. The machines are also called a brick making machine.




The pressing system is a progressive high-performance method of manufacturing concrete products from rigid concrete mixtures using immediate stripping, characterized by reduced energy and metal consumption and providing products with high physical and mechanical characteristics.


Block Making Machine For Sale

Such block making machines can produce many different and high-quality concrete materials. Especially if the main subject is to build structures, bridges, some works for the roads, for parks or like these, then you need to buy a block making machine. The main technology is based on vibrating the concrete mixture in the molds under pressure, that is, getting the product by compacting the mixture during the operation of the vibrating press to produce concrete blocks.




The finished product is considered after drying in a special chamber or hardening in natural conditions. Our company offers different kinds of block making machines for sale for the purpose of concrete block production that will help to establish their own business.


Block Making Machine For Sale
 Block Making Machine Type Type Of Concrete Products Warranty Period Collecting Products
 PRS 400 Semi-Automatic  Hollow And Paving Blocks  2 Years  Manually
 PRS 402 Automatic  Hollow And Paving Blocks  2 Years  With Forklift
 PRS 600 Semi-Automatic  Hollow And Paving Blocks  2 Years  Manually
PRS 602 Automatic Hollow And Paving Blocks 2 Years With Forklift


The high-quality production of construction products can become the basis of a successful business with a vibrating press for the production of blocks. We have totally three different types of block making machines. According to your project and needs, we can offer you the best suitable block machine. These hollow block machines are available in bigger capacities as well.


Concrete Block Business Plan

Production of concrete blocks is a business plan, especially in modern cities is a very ideal plan if the main subject is to create new projects in production these days. There are a lot of benefits to produce concrete blocks by making a good business plan.




Block making machine for the production of concrete blocks has the ability to produce paving blocks, curbstones, and other building materials. This type of business is therefore very popular and profitable. You need to know what to do with a machine that is universal.

These machines are sometimes called paving block machine when they produce paving blocks.



For detailed information and for other questions, you can reach us anytime about the machines and the concrete block business plan.

Concrete Block Making Machine

This popularity is justified by its low cost, compact size, and easy-to-do maintenance above the specified equipment. We offer you to get acquainted with the process of concrete block production. To get high-quality and durable construction products, you need to purchase good equipment for the production of concrete blocks, which will allow the production of expanded concrete blocks with excellent performance characteristics.




If you start to engage in this business precisely if the main subject is to produce concrete blocks, you can contact us. We generally have modern technologies for production and two years of warranty for all machines. With changing the mold, our concrete block making machines are capable to produce almost all kinds of concrete blocks.


Block Making Machine Price

This question is very popular among customers who started this work recently. Buying a block making machine for the production of concrete hollow blocks will bring you a big profit and recently people in many regions of the country have paid attention to this machine.


Block making machine price
Block Making Machine Automation Type Single Or Double Hoppers Price
PRS 400  Semi-Automatic  Single Hopper  65.000 USD
PRS 402  Semi-Automatic  Double Hoppers  79.000 USD
PRS 600  Semi-Automatic  Single Hopper  68.000 USD
PRS 602  Semi-Automatic  Double Hoppers  82.000 USD


If you are interested, you can find out the price of the machine for the production block making machine blocks. Block making machine price is very important, especially for new customers who want to buy a block making machine.




In this case, we recommend buying a semi-automatic block making machine. With this kind of machine, you can produce high-quality concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and others. The machine is with all the necessary equipment nearby so it means that you can immediately start to produce concrete blocks for your projects.


Concrete Block Making Machine For Sale

If you decide to buy a concrete block making machine, our company will help you to buy the most suitable option according to your needs and budget. We can prepare a full detailed installation project so you can prepare your land for concrete, water, and electricity. When everything is ready from your side, we can send our technical team for installation and give the operator a training course.


We will even help you not only with the purchase but also after that:
* We prepare customs documentation for you.
* We will also support you in loading the machine and sending it to your side by the shipment company.
* Registration of customs declarations belongs to our company.
* Commissioning production.

Further details: Concrete Block Making Machine


Wooden Pallets For Concrete Block Making Machines

A wooden pallet is one of the most needed materials in the production of concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, or other kinds. There are different types of wood, plastic, metal, and also technological pallets on the market. You can read some of the advantages of technological wooden pallets for block making machines :




* Higher line performance
* Larger number of cycles per minute compared to pallets of soft (coniferous) wood species
* Longer production equipment life
* High density, strength, and frost resistance of products
* The service life of pallets is three times longer compared to pallets made of soft (coniferous) wood species




When you buy the concrete block making machine, for the production of the concrete blocks, first of all, you need at least 500 or 1000 pieces of wooden pallets. In our company, we can provide the wooden pallets how much you need for the production process of your project.

If you live in Africa and looking for full project details you can see the link below:

Concrete Block Making Machines For Sale In Africa



Especially these days many buyers from different countries are looking for the best quality brick making machine at a good price. There are a lot of manufacturing companies all around the world, especially for block making machines for sale.

If you have the plan to purchase any kind of concrete block machine, we recommend that you first contact us and according to your demand and needs, we offer the best suitable brick making machine.

Our company is located in Turkey and is the manufacturer of a block making machines, paving block machines, curbstones, as well as the production and sale of concrete plants for concrete production. We have completed the production of paving and block-laying machines at our enterprises, which we exported to more than 30 countries in accordance with European standards, and we are closely following the development of technologies in our sector.