How To Produce Brick And Block

Concrete blocks are used in the construction industry to build walls, cover the ceilings, pave the roads, and lead the water from rain or snow. To produce concrete blocks you need to have a concrete block machine. These blocks are produced with mortar. To form these blocks pressure and vibration are used at the same time to guarantee the compression of the block.




To produce concrete bricks you need to prepare a suitable mortar. The mortar used for producing concrete blocks is made of cement, water, aggregate, and additives. With different additives, you can produce blocks with different features like a sound-absorbing feature or isolation feature or you can even produce lightweight blocks.

These are a few sample pictures of the blocks used in constructing walls.


You can also produce styrofoam concrete blocks which are very popular these days. Below you can see two different sizes of styrofoam concrete blocks next to a normal hollow block.


Bess also provides the customers with an appropriate mortar ratio based on their country so they can produce high-quality concrete blocks. For further details, you can read brick making machine.


Block And Brick Making Machine

Block making machines are very popular these days because they can produce thousands of blocks in one shift with minimum workers. There are different block and brick making machines with different types, capacities, automation levels, and brands. So, you need to choose your machine carefully.




Bess offers different types of block making machines for your project.

1. Mobile brick laying machine: The mobile brick making machines can produce hollow blocks solid blocks and curbstones. The important thing about these machines is that they cant produce paving blocks. Mobile bricklaying machines lay the blocks and bricks on the ground so they don't need pallets.



2. Stationary block making machines: Bess offers 3 automation levels for stationary block making machines. Before discussing them one by one please note that they all need pallets to produce their products. The main pressing system is working with the same mechanism in all of them. the control method and pallet delivery system are different in these machines.


- Semi-automatic block machines: To deliver the pallets in these machines handcart is used. The pallets are also delivered to the curing area one by one. Further details: Concrete Block Making Machine

- Automatic block machines: There are elevator robots to mount the pallets on top of each other. Then the forklift takes 5 pallets to the curing area at the same time.

- Fully automatic block machines: All the process is done automatically in these machines and the only step is done with personnel is delivering the pallets to the curing area by forklift.


3. Compact block and brick making machine: Compact block and brick making machines are two machines in one machine. They can produce concrete blocks and bricks and they also work as a concrete batching plant and produce ready-mix concrete. These machines are popular these days because they are multi-function machines. They are also produced at different automation levels.



Block And Brick Making Machine Customers From Different Countries

 Bess has sold more than 350 block and brick making plants to more than 32 countries. We have machines in Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, France, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Russia, Georgia, and other countries. Below you can see some of our customers visiting our company and signing contracts.


The Difference Between Block Making Machine And Brick Making Machine

Block making machines are single-hopper machines that can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, styrofoam concrete blocks, curbstones, and single-layer paving blocks. These machines are also called hollow block machines.



Brick making machines are double-hopper machines that can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, styrofoam concrete blocks, curbstones, and double-layer paving blocks. The advantage of a double-hopper machine is that you can apply finer material with color pigments to the top layer of the paving blocks. So the final surface of the paving block will be smoother and higher in quality.

These machines are also called paver block machines.




How To Choose The Best Block And Brick Making Machine?

Choosing the best block making machine or brick making machine depends on your project. First, you need to set a target capacity. After setting the target capacity you need to choose the most suitable automation level for your machine. In countries with low labor costs, people prefer to use semi-automatic machines because they are much cheaper than other options.


In some countries with high labor costs, people prefer to raise their budgets and use automatic or fully automatic machines with higher capacities. So the best machine for you is not always the most expensive machine.


If you are new to this business my advice is to start your project with a normal machine and in the future, if you can manage it you can buy a bigger machine.

Some people start with compact brick making machines because they are upgradable in the future. This means you can buy a semi-automatic compact block making machine and upgrade it to an automatic and fully automatic machine in the future.

You can also contact our English department to consult with our experts about your case. Here is our English department contact information.