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Bess offers different types of block making machines based on your project capacity and project budget. You can find Bess brick making machines on social media if you search our name. If you don't need any pictures and you want to see technical details and prices then visit Brick Making Machine For Sale.


The first thing you need to consider is the capacity of the block making machine. The smallest stationary machine that we have can produce 4000 pieces of hollow blocks with dimensions 20cm(W) x 40cm(L) x 20cm(H). This capacity is for one shift.




Premium quality block making machines can be operated 24/7. Based on your conditions you can run the machine for 1 shift up to 3 shifts a day.




For countries with hot weather conditions, it is recommended to use a cooler for the hydraulic systems if you use the machine for more than one shift. This is to extend the life of the hydraulic system and hydraulic oil. All of our machines Have oil cooling system.




On our Instagram page, you can see different types of our machines with our contact information for the English department. Feel free to call us anytime for further information. You can also click on the images below to access the Bess Instagram channel.



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One of the most important social media is Facebook. You can find our brick making machines on Facebook easily. We have an account, a page, and a group on Facebook. There are 3 automation levels on Bess brick making machines.

1. Semi-automatic

2. Automatic

3. Fully automatic



Based on your project you can choose a suitable level for your plant. My suggestion is to choose the automation level of your machine based on your country.

In countries with high labor costs and expensive lands, it is wise to choose automatic or fully automatic machines with high capacities. This is for countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, or any developed country like them. You totally need 3 up to 5 workers for your plant.




For countries with cheap labor costs and cheap lands mostly semi-automatic machines are chosen. This is for countries like Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa, and other growing countries. You generally need 6 to 8 workers for your plant. In these countries, people mostly choose hollow block machines.




You can visit our Facebook page for different offers at different prices. Our contact information is also available on our Facebook channel.


Bess Brick Making Machines on youtube

Before buying the machine you need to know the production process of block making machine. Based on the automation level of the machine some parts are done by operators or they are done by robots.

Consider that the automation level is the most important factor in the total price of the brick making machine.


Animations are always better than videos or pictures to learn something new. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of producing brick making machines and concrete batching plants, Bess has prepared animations to explain the total process of producing concrete blocks. The animations help the customers have a total background of the business and how the machine works.





You can access our youtube channel easily. Our youtube channel is BESS Machine EN.


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 If you need reference pictures of our plants and machines in different countries you can check our Pinterest. we have machines in 48 countries. The block or brick making machines are categorized as below:

Single-hopper machines are called hollow block machines or hollow block making machines.




Double-hopper machines are called paving block machines or paver block machines.




Consider that both of these machines can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, and curbstones. The difference between single-hopper machines and double-hopper machines is that the double-hopper machine can produce double-layer savings. Double-layer pavers are more economical when you want to produce colored blocks or blocks with a smooth surface.




Double-hopper machines are more expensive than single-hopper machines but if you need double-layer paving blocks, this is the only way.

The smallest paving block machine can produce 300 m² of paving blocks in one shift.


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Bess also prepared weekly articles talking about the latest achievements in the field of block making machines. Bess uses only German-brand equipment for the electrical and hydraulic panels. Bess is a well-known brand producing brick making machines on social media.




The machines that Bess offers are heavy-duty machines designed for long-term use. You can visit our company to see the quality of the machines and make sure about the quality of the machines.




You can visit our Linkedin channel as well to see our latest updates and our latest articles. Our Linkedin page is BESS Machine EN LINKEDIN.


Block Making Machines On Blog Websites

If you are looking for a blog website to get further information about block making machines, Bess has a blog page. You can see a brief explanation of the machines and you can also see the price details of the machines.

We have included both mobile bricklaying machines and stationary block making machines in our WordPress account. You can easily access our WordPress blog. The name of our blog is brick making machine WordPress.




We also have a website on Blogger website. You can also visit concrete block machine Bess on the blogger website.


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Bess block making machine company manufactures different types of machines with different capacities and we share our installed machines on Whatsapp status. You can add our Whatsapp number and follow our daily updates. You can also contact our English department through this number. +90 549 325 6670 is Our Whatsapp number for the English department.