Brick making machine is an equipment for the production of building materials like concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, or other kinds of materials. Based on hydraulic pressure and mechanical press. Machine productivity, calculated on an eight-hour shift.




The performance of some machines is based on hourly productivity. As we are producing different kinds of concrete blocks, we offer semi-automatic, automatic, or fully automatic block making machines.


Brick making machine for sale

In our company, we offer high-quality brick making machines for the production of concrete blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, or other concrete products. According to your project or daily capacity, we can offer the best block making machine that you can produce high-quality blocks with different shapes and sizes. Also, you can add or remove the equipment from the machine list that you need or not for the machine.




High capacity block making machine for sale

There a lot of manufacturing companies that producing concrete block making machines and the question is where you can buy high-quality brick making machines. There can be many answers to this question, but we suggest that you pay attention to our product catalog, which presents the best solutions from our company.

We offer different concrete block making machines for sale. If this will be your first-time business and first machine, in this case, we recommend buying a semi-automatic block making machine. With a semi-automatic block making machine, you can produce various concrete products. When the ready concrete blocks come out of the machine, the workers can collect them with a hand cart and carry them to the curing area.

If you have enough experience so it is better to purchase high capacity automatic block making machine. You can produce more concrete products with less personal. So we recommend buying automatic block making machine for producing concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones or other kinds of concrete products



Block making machines

Block machine for the production of concrete hollow blocks, is in great demand among private developers and small entrepreneurs. One of the main reasons of popularity among these categories of developers is that the amount of the machine is much more profitable than the German counterparts. Automation, hydraulics, mechanics are made according to the European standard, which is a lot important considering the price. So it's very important to purchase a high-quality block making machine.



 Advantages of block making machine

* All our machines have 2 years warranty, including equipment nearby

* There are several options for the block machines, they can be bought as a complete system (a machine and all equipment nearby) or as a mini-system (only a machine and necessary equipment)

* All technical specifications of the machine, technical specifications, visual materials can be found on our websites.

* Details of the campaign, including information on prices, you can also check on our sites.

* You can send a technical drawing for each machine that you plan to buy, and with these drawings, you can easily prepare your own site for installing the machine.

* We can provide all the necessary spare parts for the car when you need them, and you can easily find these spare parts on your land.

* We have an online support system and it will help you at any time when you encounter any problems with the machine or you have questions

* We use high-quality sheet materials and electrical blocks for machines



Brick making machine

 Almost all wall brick making machines have high-quality standards that they can use for a long time without any technical or mechanical problems.

Machines can be installed anywhere, just making concrete for the ground is enough.

The main press system and the main vibration system make the blocks more durable and more resistant to cracking.

Using the latest technology, it is possible to produce concrete products of the expected shape and shape in a short time.

Even if you do not have production, buying machines for the production of concrete hollow blocks will allow you to start your own business, because with it you can produce a large number of building materials that are always in demand on the market.




For detailed information and advice, you can contact us at any time if you are thinking of buying any high-quality brick making machine for the production of different kind concrete blocks please contact us first, just call or write by e-mail for this. We can suggest you the best block making machine according to your needs. For our other kind of block making machines just contact us. There are a lot of different options for you.