Concrete Hollow Block - Paving Block Making Machine

Quality team further tests our concrete hollow block –paving block making machine ensures that our clients get the perfect products. We have an understandable manufacturing plant which incorporates different high tech machines to manufacture quality concrete hollow block- paving block making machine. We also provide after sales support to our clients, for the proper functioning of our products especially for the African and Asian Market.



Concrete hollow block making machine 

The machine is easy to operate and manufactures good production of Concrete hollow block making machine can be made in this machine only by changing the mould. Block measurement moulds can be designed based on customer’s requirement.
Construction industry
Our company Bess is one of the leading company in Trabzon - Turkey in producing and exporting of concrete hollow block – paving block making machine, that are specially designed for block making in construction industry. The machines are precision controlled using optimum grade components that ensure enhanced production and durability for the investors in Developing Countries.This machine facilitates the production process in the building sites. The components used in the machinery are from German (Siemens - Bosch) quality driven and offers smooth performance. Demands of construction industry, we design and develop a range of high quality concrete hollow block – paving block making machine.

Paving Block Making Machine With Necessary Equipments




In our company which is located in Turkey, we are currently producing different kind of semi automatic, automatic and fully automatic type machines for producing concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones and other kind of stone products. We can able to provide the best suitable machine for our customers who need of them. Mainly we have two different options per each machine which we are producing.

Semi Automatic Paving Block Machine




* The first option is, it's possible to buy our machines like mini system. It means just a machine and necessary equipments nearby ( like mixer, conveyor belts, electric and hydrauli units, output conveyor system, moulds and others ), without any extra or optional equipments. Especially this option we are recommending for new customers who have not enough money and low experience at this kind of business.

* The second option is, it' possible to buy our macines like full system. It means the machine and all optional, necessary equipments nearby ( like cement silos, more extra moulds, wooden construction pallets like 500 or 1000 pieces or much more and others ). This option is suitable for customers who have enough experience and want to produce stone products faster and much more with low cost.


Concrete hollow block- paving block machine is the most machine prefer our customers because when they demand its necessary to demand other equipment of the machine, once to take decision to start this business you need to get full details about concrete hollow block-paving block machine. its compulsory to have experience these concrete hollow block-paving block machine because machines require one another. Concrete hollow block-paving block machine produce high quality blocks is trustable.


Industrial sector
Using premium grade components these concrete hollow block- paving block making machine is widely recognized for their sturdy building, corrosion resistance and high performance standards which is required in the industrial sector especially for the Asian and African Countries. To see our machinery with descriptions and prices please visit our website by click this link



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