Concrete paving blocks, it is a building material used for installation on the ground in order to create an even hard surface. Sidewalks, pavements, city streets, and approaches to buildings are laid out from tiles.

The most famous example is ordinary concrete paving blocks made of hewn natural stones. Concrete paving block machine, this is a unique machine for the production of concrete paving blocks, but you can also produce concrete hollow blocks, wall blocks, curbstones, and other kinds of blocks.




The concrete paving block machine is special in that it can produce a large number of stock items in the shortest possible time. It is very easy to operate the machine, each manufacturer gives courses on the operation of equipment.

Recently, in very different countries in the world, the paving block making machine is gaining popularity, more and more entrepreneurs are more intend to buy a machine in order to enter the industrial market.




Paving block making machine

In our company, we present you with a special kind of concrete paving block machine for the manufacture of high-quality concrete paving blocks.

The machine has easy control, minimal energy consumption, the quality of factory-made concrete paving blocks, the machine is designed in such a way that it can be operated continuously 24 hours a day without breaking, among the functions of the machine there is also the production of not only paving blocks but also different kind of tiles and curbstones according to the size of the moulds.




For purchasing the concrete paving block machine, you have different options so it means that according to your project, you can choose the best suitable machine for producing high-quality paving blocks and others.


Paving block making machine price

The price of machines in our company depends on the productivity of the machine. The smallest productivity of our machines is 300 square meters of paving blocks, the maximum productivity is 1000 square meters of paving blocks in an 8-hour shift.


PRS 402 Semi automatic  Concrete paving blocs / Hollow blocks / Curbstones  Manual carrying system  69.000 USD 
PRS 602 Automatic  Concrete paving blocs / Hollow blocks / Curbstones  Automatic carrying system  112.000 USD
PRS 802 Semi automatic  Concrete paving blocs / Hollow blocks / Curbstones  Manual carrying system  110.000 USD
PRS 1002 Automatic  Concrete paving blocs / Hollow blocks / Curbstones  Automatic carrying system  198.000 USD


Also, its automation affects the cost of the machine, we have 3 types of machine automation.

1. Semi-automatic. This semi-automatic type is the best choice for new customers and who want to change their old manually type machines.

2. Automatic. The automatic type, we recommend for the customers who want to produce faster and more productive. With the support of the robots, you can produce always faster and you need less persona for producing concrete paving blocks.

3. Fully automatic. This fully automatic type, we recommend for the big companies who want to produce lots of products like 1000 square meters of paving blocks or more. The fully automatic paving block machine can operate without any personal.




The price of a paving block machine for the production of paving blocks varies seasonally depending on the component equipment. The completing equipment suspects in itself; silo, aggregate hoppers, pallets, etc. When buying equipment for the production of concrete paving blocks, consider these details.


Paving block making machine details

Customers building materials now do not need to spend large amounts. The acquisition of special equipment for the production of concrete paving blocks will be enough for them. The money spent on the purchase of equipment pays for itself within 6-7 months.




 Construction companies and private developers are beginning to gradually switch to private production. After completing the projection, the machine can easily be sold, during the period that you will produce the machine, it pays for itself.




• The uniqueness is that you do not need to buy an additional machine for the production of decorative paving blocks, just it is enough to change the mold.

• Equipment on which it is possible to produce paving blocks with double layers is recovered by the fact that it has two inert bins. The bottom layer of the machine is located in one equipment bunker, and the upper colored tile layer is located in the second bunker.

• The reason that there are two aggregate hoppers on the machine is that; the production of a color solution is much more expensive than a simple standard layer, so it’s unprofitable to produce tiles purely from a color solution and does not pay for the money spent.


Producing concrete blocks

Production of concrete blocks is a very profitable business, if you are a beginner entrepreneur, we advise you to buy a machine for the production of high-quality blocks as it pays for itself in a very short time.




Before you open an enterprise, you need to clarify all the nuances of the purchase.

• What products are you going to produce and supply (paving blocks, block partition wall, concrete hollow block, curbstones, etc.)

• Amtomatization; on a semi-automatic machine, pallets that have left the molding are transported to the drying area with the help of a trolley. In the automatic system, pallets are made on legs, the system of robots folds and takes them for drying with the help of a loader.

• The required number of molds; a novice manufacturer does not have to buy a large assortment. To begin with, you can buy molds of the most sold products, in the future, you can gradually expand the assortment of products.

• Metric area for equipment. With small footage, we recommend buying an automatic machine. Production on an automatic machine will supply you with factory production at minimum footage of the production


Concrete paving blocks machine for sale

To produce high-quality concrete paving blocks, you will need a high-quality mixer (forced-action), and of course concrete paving block machines. High-quality mixed mortar will provide you with durable, geometric cinder blocks and paving blocks. Concrete paving blocks machine for sale, we have multiple options for the paving block making machines that you can choose.


For more videos, you can visit our youtube channel Bess Machine EN.


If you want to produce high-quality concrete paving blocks, you must purchase any semi-automatic, automatic, or fully automatic concrete paving block making machines. Paving block machine for sale, when you contact us, we recommend that you contact us for more information and other types of machines.

There are many options to choose the most suitable block making machine to suit your needs.