Paver Blocks

Before talking about the paver block machines and their prices, we need to know what paver blocks are and where they are used.

Paver blocks are used in different places in the construction industry. They are used to pave walkways, pathways in yards and gardens, sidewalks on the streets, playgrounds, and many other places. paver blocks are produced in different shapes, sizes, colors, and different surfaces.




To pave a pathway you need to prepare a suitable base for the paving blocks. Based on the load that is applied to the surface of the paving blocks, the depth of the foundation can be different.



For higher loads, you need to prepare a thicker preparation and also use thicker pavers. The thickness of paving blocks can be different from 60mm to 100mm depending on the load that is applied to them. Consider that if you don't prepare a suitable foundation the pavers will crack and break when the load is applied.




Paver Block Machine For Sale

 To produce high-quality paver blocks you need to have a high-quality paver block machine. Paver block machines are produced in different shapes, sizes, automation levels, and different capacities. Choosing the right machine totally depends on your project. These machines are also called concrete block machine.



If you are interested in a paver block machine for sale you need to know how the machine works.

To produce paver blocks with paving block machines you first need to fill the aggregate hoppers of the machine with the raw material called aggregate. the machine then delivers the aggregate to the mixer where water and cement are also added with a specific ratio.

After the ingredients are mixed in the mixer they form a homogenous paste-like mixture called the mortar. The mortar is then delivered to the paver block machine. The machine then adds it to the mold. Molds are used in different shapes and sizes to produce different paver blocks.




The bottom mold is where the mortar is poured and then the upper mold moves down by the hydraulic system and the vibration works at the same time. This process takes place on the surface of the pallets. then the pallet is delivered to the output of the machine with the paver blocks on it. up to this stage, the automation levels are the same. the next stage is explained in the next part.



Consider that by changing the mold the paving block machine can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, and other different shapes. Some people call these machines brick making machine as well so don't get confused if you hear this name.

To find a suitable paver block machine for sale there are some factors that you need to consider.

The hydraulic system of the paver block machine should be suitable for the capacity of the machine. the hydraulic system is responsible to apply pressure to the blocks. the higher the compression is the higher the quality of the pavers.




Another factor to have a high-quality paver block machine is to have a suitable vibration system. Vibration and hydraulic systems work together to produce highly compressed paving blocks. In high-quality paving block machines the vibration and hydraulic system work at the same time to have the maximum impact.

Bess is a Turkish company that manufactures different types of high-quality paving block machines at reasonable prices. It is recommended that you buy your whole plant from one company to have a set that the parts are compatible with each other.



There are different automation levels for the paving block machines for sale, you can choose semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic.




In the semi-automatic paving block machines, pallet delivery to the curing area is done by handcarts. this means the pallets are delivered to the curing area one by one and by hand. Semi-automatic machines are cheaper but you need two extra workers for these types of plants. If you are living in a country like Ghana, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, ivory coast, Djibouti, Congo, DRC, or other countries where labor cost is cheap then this option is more suitable for you.

Here is a video of the semi-automatic block making machine. you can watch more videos on our youtube channel Bess machine EN.



In the automatic machines, two robots are used for the pallet system. first, the loader robot stacks 5 pallets on top of each other, and then the forklift delivers 5 pallets to the curing area at the same time. The automatic paver block machine is more expensive than the semi-automatic version but the advantages are that you need fewer workers for your plant and the curing area can be 5 times smaller than the semi-automatic machines.




If you are living in a country like Egypt, the USA, Saudi Arabia, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, or other countries where labor cost is expensive you can choose these machines.


What Are The Paver Block Machine Prices?

 Below you can see the paver block machine price list. consider that the price can be different based on the equipment and the number of molds you choose with the machine. the prices below are the standard prices for the paver block machine for sale with all the necessary equipment and one mold.

Machine Name Capacity Hoppers Price

PRS 400 Semi-Automatic

 300 m²  Single-hopper  59,600.00USD

PRS 400 Automatic

 300 m²  Single-hopper  86,200.00 USD
 PRS 602 Semi-Automatic  400 m²  Double-hopper  85,450.00 USD
 PRS 602 Automatic  400 m²  Double-hopper  87,560.00 USD


Note that these machines are our smallest machines if you need a bigger machine you can contact us.

The double hopper machines can produce double-layer paving blocks so they are called paving block machines.

The single hopper machines are mostly used to produce hollow blocks and solid blocks and they are mostly called hollow block machines.




Bess company provides free installation, commissioning, and training for your staff as well. After the machine arrives at your plant we will send a technical team to your site to install the machine. We also request two workers to be available when our team arrives, Our team will teach them all the necessary training and also teach them how to do the maintenance of the machine.

Maintenance is very important because it guarantees that you will use the machine without any problems for a longer time.

Bess company has started this international business in 2005 and up to now, we have installed more than 480 working machines in 42 countries. We have more than 20 types of paver block machines for sale. All the parts we use on the machines are German brands Bosch, Schneider, and Siemens. Premium-quality machines may look expensive at first look but in long term, they show higher performance and customers are more satisfied with premium-quality machines.





 If you want to start your business for paver block machine production and you have the experience you can easily understand our machines and our quality.

If you are new to this business you can contact our engineers in the sales department so they can help you choose the most suitable paving block machine for your plant.

With more than 15 years of experience in the machine manufacturing business, Bess offers a 2-year of guarantee for the machines.