African growth has been present throughout the continent with over one fourth of Saharan African countries submitting 7% growing rates. Several international business and other world economist observers have also named Africa as one of the future economic growth engines of the world. Recent growth has been due to growth in sales in commodities, properties, concrete block machine ,merchandise, services, and manufacturing. old news or media, Africa was identified as the world's poorest inhabited continent

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.Africa was the world fastest-growing continent last 6 years and is expected to rise by an average of over 7 a year between 2014 and 2022. following the independence of African countries during the 20th century, economic, political concrete block machine develeoment  and social insurrection consumed much of the continent. An economic rebound among some countries has been evident in recent years. Trade of concrete block machine has driven much of the growth in Africa's economy in the early 21century.


quality_machine-brick-.jpgProduce 8.000 Pieces concrete holow block

 550m2 of paving block

Automatic controlsystem




brick-machinei-single-blue-metal-.jpgproduce 4.000 Pieces of concrete hollow block

400M Paving block

Automatic control system





paving-machine.jpgproduce 4.000 Pieces of concrete hollow block

300m2 Paving block 

Automatic control system


Turkey and china are increasingly important concrete block machine  trade partners9.5|% of Africa's exports are to Turkey, and 3% are to china, which clarification for 6%of Turkey’s imports and 8% of china. The Group of Five Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates are another increasingly important market such as concrete block machine  brick machine and hollow concrete machine for Africa's exports.A consumer class is also in estimating Africa and is expected to keep increasingevery side like concrete block machine. Africa has around 95 million people with household incomes exceeding $6,000, meaning that they can direct more than half of their income towards facultative spending rather than necessities, but recently others started to open concrete block machine industries.


 Ethiopia is a country in the northeastern part of Africa, popularly known as the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the northeast, Somalia to the east, Sudan and South Sudan to the west, and Kenya to the south. With over 101 million ingrained, Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second most populous nation on the Africa, also  its first country which lead using concrete block machines. It occupies a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometers and it has capital and largest city is Africa.

with a focused investment in public infrastructure and concrete block machines industrial companies, Ethiopia's economy and some condition  is addressing its structural problems to became a center for light manufacturing in Africa.
 The population is forecast to grow to over 213 million by 2050, which would be an rise from 2011 estimates by a factor of about 2.7. The un-official trade of live cattle, camels, sheep, concrete block machine and goats from Ethiopia sold to Somalia, Djibouti, and Kenya generates an estimated total value of between 257 and US$315 million annually 100 times more than the official figure
In Ethiopia, now when we look side of economic there is another sector which becoming the most important economy in the region. Concrete block machine defined basically is the greatest necessary in the African continent. because traditional of African history people lived in bushes and some lived on urban areas. Recently by concrete block machine produce concrete block, and people started to produce concrete easy way to build all construction in the area. Each village each cities each capital now is available concrete block machine. That means as there is no land ownership, infrastructural projects concrete block machine projects are most often simply done without asking the land users, which then end up being displaced and without home or land.
Last decades Ethiopian trades come close to our high-quality concrete block machine, and we started long relationship to our proud customers which believes us this expensive trade. No matter always we are ready to welcome in our country all trade and we have excellence contracts to drive our clients to get superior and high-quality concrete block machines.
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