What Kind Of Bricks Hydraulic Brick Machine Can Produce?

What Kind Of Blocks Hydraulic Brick Machine Can Produce?

Standard brick is a new type of wall material that the countries have vigorously promoted in recent years, and it is also the best-selling green building material product on the market. However, in the actual production demand, many users want to produce hollow bricks, perforated bricks, blind hole bricks, grass-planting bricks, and other products in order to improve the quality of the market. Can the equipment only produce standard bricks? Can it produce other products?

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The hydraulic brick machine is an extension of the four-column hydraulic press in forming technology. It is a mechanical device using liquid pressure transmission made by Pascal's law. In general, a hydraulic brick press uses hydraulic pressure to press the brick raw material to the molds. The shape specifications of the shaped bricks are achieved by means of molds. That is to say, installing different molds can produce bricks of different specifications. Hydraulic brick machines therefore not only produce standard bricks but also produce other bricks, concrete blocks and paving blocks.


                                                                                                Double-hopper brick machine



The hydraulic brick machine is a multi-functiobrick making machine. Hydraulic technology is the key to brick making process. The mold is the core of molding. As long as these two are perfectly matched, they can produce high-quality new environmental protection bricks. In the modern market, a single product cannot meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, many investors are pursuing high-tech, multi-use brick machine equipment, which saves a lot of investment costs and produces different shapes. The products have created more economic benefits and meet modern production requirements.


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