What is Hollow Block Machine?

What is Hollow Block?

Hollow Block, in General, is a Type of Block Concrete Used for building internal and external Wall sector. Hollow Block stone saves time in building wall because the largest of the surface . The minimum scales of the Wall can due to the mistake of worker. Due to the load carrying capacıty ,proportion of the red Hollow Block and similar materials are playing an important role in the building stucture.

The building Wall can resist any kind of obstacle because of the height red Hollow Block. full, empty or Breakable Property hollow block specially made in the building can Help us answering the question belongs what is Hollow Block . Hollow block Produced by Hollow Block Making Machine. The Development of Cities According to the Country Economy is quite easy to supply the Hollow Block by finding the Hollow Block machine factory. You can supply all the materials that you may need in the building and environmental regulations because you can produce building materials with the brick machine such as Hollow Block stone, curbstone, paving stone, grass stone, pumice, straphored pumice and roothgutter.

Hollow blocks is also knows as brick blocks. Its sometimes called a concrete a masonry unit. He shapes, and sizes of most common concrete blocks have been standardized to ensure uniform building construction. So, we made a machine producing brick blocks. Machine has this feature. Work 24 hours. Has different Automation and capacity system. Machine is very fast and has high production capacity. Except product drying and curing rooms, there is no extra equipment needed on plant area. we design different option, manual machine, Automatic machine, Semi-Automatic machine and fully Automatic machine.

brick blocks machine (hllow blocks machine),paving blocks machine and curbstone. 




Advantages of Using Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks are important masonry unit in construction here I am sharing some advantage of using the hollow block in buildings and construction:

1. Rapid Execution of Work in construction

hollow blocks produced by hollow block making machine in different shapes, sizes, and weight, it is easy to deploy hollow blocks in construction works, all that is needed is to fit the right block to the right place. Using the same shape and sizes help to easily assemble them to form any particular shape that is required in the construction area.

2. Extremely durable

Hollow blocks produced by high pressure and vibration make the blocks very strong, resilient hardened to severe load and weight.

3. Better Insulation

As hollow blocks have the hole and because of the air in the hole of the block, it does not allow heat or cold in or out of the building. Hollow blocks are insulated against heat, wetness and sound. Hollow blocks keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

4. Environmentally friendly

It does not infect or have any known environment frustration it constitutes to the system.

5. Cost Efficient

It helps in reducing construction materials used at a construction site, though reducing the cost of construction.

6. Low Maintenance

Maintenance of hollow blocks is not expensive, compare to other construction materials that are available in the market.

7. Reduce consuming Space

Construction of thin walls with hollow blocks is very common. So, it helps to reduced space used in construction and increases the floor area.

8. Bonding of mortar and plaster

Semi-Automatic brick machine and Automatic brick machine.




As the surfaces of hollow blocks are rough, this provides a good bonding between mortar and plaster.

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Hollow Block Measures

Climate and Climate Behavior Differences Between Urban and Geographical Locations, Urban and Country Economy, Level of Development, Mandatory Standards for Countries with Own Building Materials, are playing a Determinative Role in Hollow Block Measures. Hollow Block Stone is Produced by Hollow Block Machine in Hollow Block factory. it is Used to build Outer and inner Wall due to the different Sizes and Thicknesses. If you do not accept a standard measure, it is usually agrees 10 Cm 15 Cm 20 Cm 25 Cm 30 Cm top and 20 Cm Height. A Hollow Block factory which will produce Hollow Block, can make the marketing with the company in charge of the Hollow Block machine about the measurement of the Hollow Block.


1m2 How Many Hollow Blocks Expense

Hollow Block stone manufacturers required for marketing response needs, Hollow Block Stone Buyer's Amount, Architect or Contractor's Cost Calculations 1m2 How Many Hollow Blocks Expense required. 1m2 How many Hollow Block expense According to Top and Height. With simple formula, By dividing the number of 10,000, we have reached 1m2 How many Hollow Block expense.

As we are manufacturer company located in Turkey, we are currently producing high quality machines which they can able to produce different kind of stone products. We offer for your project best suitable machines that you can choose any kind of automation like semi automatic, automatic and fully automatic. With all kind of machine it is possible to produce any kind of stone products with high quality and reliability. For first timers we offer to choose the smallest machine which we are producing because of this kind of machine will be the best choice. With this kind of machine, it is possible to produce not only high quality concrete hollow blocks but also paving blocks as well. For producing other kind of stone products it is just enough change mould and this process is very simple and does not require any kind of technical information or any experience.

Semi Automatic Paving Block Making Machine For Producing High Quality Blocks




This machine can able to produce in a day at eight hours 4.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks and 300 square meters paving blocks. As here you can see some technical details of this machine which we offer for first time customers.

* The machine is semi automatic type.

* Daily capacity production is in a day at eight hours 4.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks ( 20 cm dimension ) and 300 square meters of paving blocks also about 1.000 pieces of curbstones can be produced by this kind of machine.

* The machine has single hopper and it can able to produce high quality paving blocks.

* We have different options for extra equipments. ( You can able to buy extra moulds after sales )

* Using everytime high quality materials.

* The machine can be operated by one operator who stands at the operator platform.

* Possible to buy machine with all equipments ( with cement silos, aggrega hopper and more moulds ) or you can prefer to buy just the machine ( this option is more reasonable )

* When you need any kind of spare parts for the machine, we can provide them at the nearest time

* For other kind of machine samples, you can contact us anytime by phone calling or send email


Straphored pumice

Low Hollow Block, Heat Insulated Hollow Block, Insulated Hollow Block and Straphored pumice are Known as Hollow Block Stone. Produced with natural aggregate. Thanks to its hollow structure, it helps to sound and heat insulation. It makes a serious decrease in the proportion of other building members to the weight of the building due to its being lightweight. It has the ability to adjust the humidity according to the aggregate structure and prevents the dampness in this building. Workability is High. This is the minimum level of ease of application and the problems of the workers due to their mistakes. Cracking and similar deformations on the wall due to the high structure of the holes do not occur.


Block Making Machines With Different Options





Hollow Block prices

According to the Type of Aggregate Used, Fullness of the Hollow Block as Produced, Mobility in the Market as Manufactured. Urban Development Status, Differences in Brick Measure Determine Hollow Block Prices.

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