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We continue to find every material which is possible to make hollow concrete blocks and we develop all hollow concrete block machine which has that features. All hollow concrete block machine which now available our company is based on high quality secure hollow concrete block.  
We start this company which producing this hollow concrete block machine long time ago we discover all details about this hollow concrete block machine and we offer our clients. We covered all demand that possible to ask all our customers. When people building house, they need hollow concrete block machine which able to resist fire and earthquake.
So, this is hollow concrete block machine which produce hollow concrete block which capable of resistance of fire and earthquake. We know that some hollow concrete block start after building cracking up or some other possible thinks. Hollow concrete blocks machine is hardly producing reliable hollow concrete blocks. We contribute this hollow concrete block machine all continent in the world. We manage all price according to our customers with different categories price. 
Some customers give up when they see the price but is wrong because it’s not same when come to the company and price you see on the internet. Hollow concrete block machine, we are talking design by Automatic hollow concrete block machine, semi-automatic hollow concrete block machine and fully automatic hollow concrete block machine. All of them has different capacity, quality, price and produce different pieces of hollow concrete blocks.
 Hollow concrete block has equipment which make many processes when producing the hollow concrete block. Compartment aggrege hopper (bottom vibration), is the equipment for materials as sand, gravel and cement needed for the mixture. Under each hopper are one loaded cover.
Chassis is manufactured to the form of iso 9001 Quality and according to the all din forms using 150cmx100cmx6mm. thick profile and metal sheet. Thick metal sheet is used. Metal sheet, the following is strengthened with the vibro-motor on the hopper. This conveyor allows the weighing of the aggregate in the hopper and after weighing transfers the aggregate to the transfer band. Poisoned just below the aggregate hopper. main chassis is manufactured to the norms of iso 9001 quality and din norms, using 40x80x3mm.
bunker using cement gravel and sand
sheet metals roll station are placed each 90cm to prevent the flee back. The rubber band is made with 8mm cord material. Roll are 3m driven by reducer group. Motor power is 2,2kw. There is another equipment which is very important to the hollow concrete block machine during process.
3 eye bunker show size and shape
Operator platform and pan mixer (bottom mixer) is where the operator can observe the motor mixing operation and control by electric panel on it. Mortar electric panel is designed according to the operation order for the mixture. With this feature it is easy to use. The mixer is providing homogeneous mixing aggregate. Motor power is 15 kw.
 new Mİxer cebri
new mixer cebri finished


By the pallets handle by base wear pallets and abrasion sheet metal hard ox/st52-A1quality materials is used. Handle system replaceable designed. Discharge provides pneumatic valve and joystick. This is to main equipment which allow hollow concrete block By Changing the Mold Machine Can Produce Any Types of Concrete Paving Blocks - Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks – Different Curbstones – Smolen And Chimney Blocks Which Height Must Be Between 5cm and 25 Cm.  machine to produce every block that want. By Changing The Mold Machine Can Produce Any Types of Concrete Paving Blocks - Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks – Different Curbstones – Smolen And Chimney Blocks Which Height Must Be Between 5cm and 25 Cm. How many pieces do you want, how many blocks did you want? all possible pieces you want you can produce using these machines. 15.000 Pieces, 20.000 Pieces or 24 Pieces.
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