Manufacturers Bricks

Our machine VESS serial, also known as a street color manufacturers bricks, the raw material is sand, gravel cement and water, blocks can be pressed to finished cement blocks. The machine can make different kinds of manufacturers bricks like color blocks, paving stone blocks, lawn blocks, etc. only by changing the different moulds. These manufacturers bricks can pave road, street, plaza to improve and beautify urban ecological environment to protect water and soil from losses. We attach special emphasis to ensure quality at every stage to comply with international standard and this has made us stand globally especially for the Asian and manufacturers bricks African Market.

 Semi Automatic Paving Block Machine




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Manufacturing Concrete Blocks
Manufacturing Concrete Blocks and export of hollow block machines machine to make paver blocks alone and a pan mixer.

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 Paving Block Machine For Good Quality Stone Products



Interlocking Bricks
Interlocking Bricks is an stationary type machine. This gives a production capacity of 300 square meter daily, respectively in the sizes of 6 inch, 4 inches and 8 inch. The machine is of high quality and so the blocks produced in the manufacturers bricks also coming very good quality. German brand quality parts are used. The switches and connectors use in the pannel board are Siemens - Bosch brand. Heavy type vibrator gives smooth finishing to the blocks, the manufacturers bricks is heavy build so as to avoid any problem during the function of the machine. We offer a 2 years guarantee against manufacturing defects Interlocking Bricks

For our company it's very important to provide best quality machine and for this reason we always produce our machines with high quality standarts.Once you chose the best suitable machine according to your project, these special terms we provide for our customers like :

* Easy communication with customer representative with preferred language.

* International contract with preferred language.

* According to established infrastructure and experience staff 24hours online support.

* Leasing and possibility to trade with a letter of credit.

* Warranty period can be extended up to 5 years.

* We guarantee that intervene time globally is maximum 72-120hours.

* Ability to keep track of live shipment products on websites.

* Free operator training and certification.

* Able to buy with term with private bank agreements.

* On time production and o time delivery montage.

* Stock and findable spare parts.

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Paver blocks specifications
Paver blocks specifications are gaining requesting in core section for flooring in swimming pools Parking area, courtyards, container yard, road side foot path and in many more areas. We can manufacturers bricks almost any type mould as per customer ‘s specific request.



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