Making Brick From Concrete


In the beginning of Making Brick from Concrete has been for wall coverings over the years, but they can be used for decorative purposes as well. Making the common brick has been molded from clay and fired in a oven. That isn't the only way you can Making Brick From Concrete. Another way, popular with do it yourself types, has been by using concrete. You can make your own bricks from concrete manually following the next steps.The forms you need to use for the Making Brick From Concrete. That requires basic carpenter tools and a sheet of 20 mm. for your brick dimensions. The strips will be layed on a flat level area and spread plastic sheeting over it to keep the Making Brick from Concrete from bonding with the plastic. The work area will need to be left undisturbed for at least 24 hours.

Small Stationary Type Block Plant




Not only nowadays but also always making brick from concrete is so popular at construction field. Because of it is one of the main and most important material for building structures or other kind of buildings. Just need to prefer the best machine in order to produce high quality stone products. Once you choose the good quality machine, you can able to use that machine a long time without any deformation or problems. Here below you can see some important features of the machines which currently we are producing.

* All stationary type of machines can able produce high quality concrete blocks

* You can able to add more additional moulds for semi automatic or automatic machine

* We can supply wooden construction pallets or we can send one sample and you can produce at your own land easily

* If you need some spare parts for the machine which you will use, we can provide them and you can find at your own are

* We have multiple choises for the machine and equipments like conveyor belts, mixer, aggrega hopper, output conveyor system and others...

* Totally 2 years warranty per each machine and we have an online support system.

* When you face any small or big problems, you can reach us antyime

* If you have any technical problems with the machine, we can send our technical team in order to fix the issue

* You can able to check all our machine models including technical details, pictures and other kind of documents as well

Semi Automatic Machine For Producing Concrete Products




Measurement of blocks
Place the assembled side form on top of the 20 cm plastic covered plywood strip. Either nail the side forms to the plywood or drive wooden stakes around the sides of the forms to keep the forms from shifting off of the Measurement of blocks strips.

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Automatic paver block laying machine

Produce the concrete and pour it into the assembled molds. That will most likely be the most physically challenging part of Making Brick From Concrete. Using a commercially prepared dry mix of concrete materials is the easiest method. Fill the wheelbarrow with automatic paver block laying machine a small hole in the middle of the dry mix using a shovel or a common garden hoe.Add small amounts of water in that small hole, preferably from a bucket rather than a hose for better control of the amount of water that is added at any one time.Batch the dry material and water together with the hoe or shovel, adding water until you have a concrete consistency that is workable. Too wet and it will want to push up the side and run under the forms.Too dry and it will not want to consolidate, but rather it will leave air voids in your automatic paver block laying machine.Tap on the side of the forms with the brick forms filled. Tapping on the top afterward will force any trapped air out from inside of Making Brick From Concrete.Bring it to the drying area for 24 hours.


Making Brick from Concrete ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Automatic concrete block making machine

Stack the bricks in a cool area to cure a suggested 15 days. Cover them up with a mover's blanket while they are curing and keep the blanket wet and covered with plastic sheeting. Automatic concrete block making machine. This will keep the bricks from cracking during the curing process. Once they have cured, you use them to make the Making Brick From Concrete.


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