Laying concrete block making machine

It is laying concrete block making machine, which will lay concrete block on the concrete floor and move to the next laying. Any type of concrete block can be produced with good quality by using different types of concrete block mould. This machine is very high-productive for startup concrete block producers, we always recommending our customers those which are first experience in this business to select these machines and start their concrete block production business. We are able to deliver our laying concrete block making machine to South Africa, Mali, Ghana, Ethiopia , Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Qatar, Iran and everywhere you are.

We are manufacturer company which is located in Turkey and currently we are producing different kind of machines with different automations and capacities. These machines are designed to produce different kind of concrete blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, others as well. For customers who are just planning to enter this business, we have a great option that our laying brick making machine. This kind of machine is so suitable who has not more experience and limited money. As below you can able to read some kind of specifications and features of this machine which we offer to you.

* One of the most important feature is, the machine has high production capacity with less employee you don’t need to take more personal for this kind of machine.

* All kinds of spare parts can be found easily where ever you are and we can provide these parts.

* Energy consumption is low.

* This machine can be moved anywhere and installed without any technical authorized person.

* Possible to change the mould easily when you want to receive different kind of stone products.

* Daily capacity is starting from 2.250 pieces of concrete hollow blocks and up to maximum 3.750 pieces of them.

* You can add more extra moulds for producing different kind of concrete stone blocks which height must be between 18 to 22 cm.

* On your choice you can add extra equipments for the machine after sales or during purchasing process.

* For machine's technical details including pictures and video samples, you can check out our sites.

* We have totally two years warranty and we can give and online support system during the warranty period and after this period as well.

* We offer for autonation machnes three different options such as like semi automatic, automatic and fully automatic.

* We can deliver this kind of machine in a 21 days.

Good Quality Laying Brick Machine




Features of Laying Concrete Block Making Machine:

· Low power consumption

· Negligible maintenance

· Stand Over The Blocks Immediately

· Easy Maintenence

· Heavy Pressure

· Easy Working Method

· Low Power Capacity

· Less Labour Cost

· Platform Will Not Damage

 Laying Brick Machine With Different Options




Further, in order to maintain the efficiency of the catered range we have appointed a team of quality inspectors who examine our laying concrete block making machine on different set quality settings. Our machines are widely used in nearly all kind of buildings undertakings in the African Continent. These renferm residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Along with is, we also offer customization facility to the customers in Asian and African specialy in construction sector.All this, showed the the importance of the laying concrete block making machine.


Industrial standards

They are manufactured with precise quality of raw material which are in compliance with the industrial standards.

Sample Of Laying Brick Making Machine For Producing Different Concrete Hollow Blocks

Our Company BESS - VESS offers different types of semi-automatic laying concrete block making machine and hollow block machine.This products are made with high grade raw material and under the strict guidance of expert technicians. This machinery facilitates the production process in the building sites. The components assembled in the machinery are quality driven and offers smooth performance. It requires minimum maintenance and, can be replaced if required. All electrical parts are siemens - Rexroth - Bosch brand. laying concrete block making machine. They are aceptable in leading industrial rates especially in the African and Asian Market.


Technical Specifications

Total Engine Power

3.2 KW

Hydraulic Pressure

50 Bar


singlie vibration Engine                                          

Produced Product

18 - 20 Cm Height


550 KG

Production Rate / 8 Hours

2250 Piece of Hollow Block

Size of Moulds


5 /press

3750 / 8hours


4 /press

3000 / 8hours


3 /press

2250 / 8hours

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