.and see the various brick maker machine available to you.We also stock components for machine and mixers.Our semi automatic brick maker machine is simple , economic to run and easy to use and low costs for maintenance. The brick maker machine can manufacture concrete bricks, hollow blocks and pavers etc. by mixing cement,gravel sand and other industrial raw materials reserving for building

Semi Automatic Block Making Machine With High Quality



In our company we can offer for you different kind of machines with different capacities. It means that according to your project, we can provide for you the best suitable stationary or mobile type block making machines. One of the most important feature of our machines, when you change the mould on it, you can able to produce different kind of stone products such as like concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, asmolen and other kind of products too. For producing brick with different versions we have, daily capacity of the smallest block making machine is in a day at eight hours 4.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks ( 20 cm dimensions ) and 300 square meters of paving blocks.

 Installation Sample Layout Semi Automatic Block Making Machine




* As smallest type block making machine can able to produce different kind of products except concrete hollow blocks and paving blocks.

* Possible to add some extra equipments for the machine like cements silos, aggrega hopper, extra moulds for paving blocks or cubrstones and others.

* You can able to check out all technical specifications of the machine and also pictures too.

* Two different options for machine's versions like full plant or mini plant.

* Low energy consumption for the machines

* Using only quality engines and other kind units

* With our quality machines, it is possible to use them a long time without deformation and issues

Fully automatic machine

Fully automatic machine The machine is operated by only individual, and other processes will be attend automatically by electronics system. 

 Semi Automatic Concrete And Paving Block Making Machine 


Fully Automatic brick block maker is the easiest way to produce brick block for short time. Fully Automatic brick maker block machine in short time you produce many pieces that you plan. Less person with more process. Also, you can get our company fully Automatic hollow block machine which is not expensive its means price is suitable. Long time process with efficient. Fully By Changing The Mold Machine Can Produce Any Types Of Concrete Paving Blocks - Hollow Blocks - Insulated Bricks – Different Curbstones – Smolen And Chimney Blocks Which Height Must Be Between 5cm And 25 cm.


Molding brick maker
Power saving, shaping several bricks once time, and when machine working, only the brick maker machine is always be on, other parts works at regular intervals.Some exigence of the Production line.Molding brick maker machine, oil station, belt conveyor, pallets, manual ,Mixer, forklift etc.brick maker machine ,stable performance with Hydraulic system of the molding brick maker consists of imported components and seals with high dynamic performance proportional valves. The actions of key cylinders can be operted through the regulator of flow and pressure according to various working conditions of the machine.

 Automatic Block Machine With Double Hoppers





We are engaged in offering our prestigious customers a very highly quality range of Concrete brick maker machine. Our range is recognıze for its highly excellent quality and strong range of the machine. Our range of machines are available at market's leading rates.Our position is known for its sturdy constructionand reliable quality. Our brick maker machine is available at market's most competitive price.







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