Paver blocks specifications

When we are talking about specifications , we can discussed  in more about  the sampling, dimensions , dimensional tolerances and the strength of the paver, all this result  paver blocks specifications. The more important about  all that  it the dimensions and the strength of the paver block because the resistant  and the scale can determine the using of the product around the world. Today we as  machine maker are trying to require the machine market according to the paver blocks specifications


Pavers blocks advantages

Block paving can be relatively cheap if you choose the rectangular one. İt is also considered to be more appealing than those lıke stone. With pavers blocks advantages we can see a wide range of models,types, colours and sizes design possibilities.
Types of paving blocks
Paving block is used in Europe, Asia,Africa so and so....We need to know the role it occurs as the paver blocks specifications.however, before deciding on everything as road, it is important to know the types of paving blocks you will use.An example of commoly used pavers: concrete,cobblestone,rubber,bluestone,flagstone,and travertine .All this pavers are known with differents dimensions which characterize the paver blocks specifications. We need to know that bess machine company according of this types of paving blocks response to the trade requirement around the world.



Paving block design
We as bess machine fabricator, we today response on international and national market as our paving block design which are named like running bond,basket weave and herringbone. The attractive comes from the good design, this is the reason why we need to underline this part in pavers sector.We may automaticaly seem the interview of the paver blocks specifications in construction and buildings sector.





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